Mince Pie 10

Love the name - anyone got any more info on the run?


  • Looks really hilly - I've only done 10K a few times before ... Are there any other runs where you can bridge the difference between 10K and 10 mile a little easier??
  • I know that Adidas do an 8 mile Breakfast run but this happens in Spring (near Hampton Court) so you might not want to wait that long.

    If you're looking for an 'easy' 10mile, try the Bupa Great South. Again, you will have to wait for next summer but it is flat so perfect for first timers.

    Hope you find another one in the meantime.
  • This looks like a must do race...can anyone tell me by train how to get there ?
  • Peter, you will need to get a train into Brighton. Peacehaven is not an easy place to access, no station there. You could get a connection to Newhaven then a cab, but it starts making it an expensive race.
  • Has anyone been to this event before?It's got a wicked name. Do you really get a Xmas pud and minky pie? If so how many pies do you get? And how hilly are we talking. So many places put hilly and it is either climbing everest or flat as a pancake.
  • Fomr what I am told and knowing a little bit of the terrain at Peacehaven, it will probably feel like everest if it is windy! It's right on the south downs! I am told that there is a big climb at about 8 miles, just when you need it most!
  • Simon, I lied, I have just found the route map, looks like the steep bit is at about 6ish...Here's the URL for it.
  • I'm doing this one, seeing how many mince pies I can collect at races in December.

    Another good one in the Worthing area is the Duckpond Waddle on 1 Dec, a 15km multi terrain and very muddy but good fun. Mixed abilities run too.

    Hope to see you at Peacehaven too, I think the problem will be the weather but it is inland rather than on the cliff tops so some shelter!
  • Dips, Is there website for the Duckpond Waddle or somewhere for contact details?

    15k multi terrain sounds just like the sort of sadistic run I could drag my running partner through before xmas!
  • I have managed to loose all the entry forms somewhere is this domestic rubble of a house. I am 99% sure it is 'Worthing Sriders'. I downloaded my entry form.

    It is quite an informal run, you can apparently run, jog, waddle or walk!! Some girlies from my running group did it last year.

    Any probs let me know
  • Can anyone tell me how to get to the race I will be driving from eastbourne..
  • Peter, I would stick to the seafront, just need to come through Newhaven, up the hill to Peacehaven. I am sure it will be well marked from there.

    Otherwise come round the A27, then turn off at the Beddingham rab towards Newhaven then as before, up the hill following the Brighton rd.

    I think you need to be looking for the Meridian Centre, which is well sign posted from what I remember.
  • boing ( for Tim's information)
  • I'm No. 92 - have started a thread on the UFRWC website.
  • Just put my entry in for this one! living in Rottingdean guess this is my 'local' race. Very tempted by the pud but less so by Chichester Drive East!
  • This is my first organised run/race and I am getting nervous. Are there any other new runners out entering this race on Sunday?

    How early should I get there, is 30 minutes before enough or should I arrive earlier - do you need to register when you arrive or just turn up at the start line with your number?
  • Elaine, I'll be there with a couple of women from my running club, quite happy to meet up if you are anxious.

    I am not great shakes in speed though, so you will more than likely leave me standing!!
  • Thanks for your advice guys, it helps to know you are all friendly out there

    Dips, I really appreciate your offer, I am number 31, fairly slow and still looking forward to having a go on Sunday.

    Hope to see you all there.
  • No. 92 folks - wearing forum vest.
  • ..unfortunatey I cannot so Sunday now (domestic duties with late start at 11am), hope you guys have a good one. I'm forced to do a early morning 15 miler instead ;-(
    If I'm back in time might come and watch the start...know some of you are doing Paris as well so would be good to meet...
  • Doing this one - but have you seen the weather forecast for Sunday? Temperature around 5C and p***ing down. Lovely stuff especially on the off road bit with wet chalk. Think I might run in my rugby boots.
  • Never mind 5C, I just saw on the weather report that with the windchill it might be minus 4C! In which case, it might even snow. Hmm...got to re-think what I might wear. May even need to get the gloves out.
  • and the hat, fleece, thermals, face mask etc. Will probably end up looking like Michelin man. Forecast this a.m. also now saying possible snow showers in south east on Saturday night but as this race is close to the sea, chance of snow is reduced - more likley sleet. Luvverley!
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