how long does it take?



  • LDB: in four weeks I shall be back on home turf!!!
  • p.s. Sex and the City, bleurgh!!! Anyway, it was on every night last summer in Norway, when I was house-sitting a flat with a tv, so I have seen more than enough of that programme to last ten lifetime.
  • Hilde - then surely you owe it to Carrie and the gals to see it thru to the bitter end....?
    Actually i did see a critic suggest it should now be called 'and the' ;)

    Have you made your contribution to the Norse literary canon now then?
  • <<<whispers very quietly>>>

    I'm still working on it. The thing of evil that continues to haunt me. And not helped by the now five month gap in supervision.

    <<tip-toes away to do more work guiltily>>>
  • Oh Hilde I;m sorry, look,forget I said anything - surely you are allowed a little cultural exchange with your chums back home to inspire you?
  • I would love to get rid of my TV, but Scotty wants to watch it. If we're watching something together, he is totally focussed on the screen, but as soon as I pick up a book he keeps distracting me. Then there is also the matter of remote control fascism...
  • Actually Hildegard, the acculturation effect extends farther than just to TV progs. It's a whole culture thing of dress, language, in-jokes, well-known celebs, etc. And it's a fact that even when people ask you how things are 'over there' in whatever land you are living in, they don't really want to know. I've been living outside Britain for so long that I have trouble fitting in back home. The England I left is not the England that exists nowadays.
  • Ironwolf
    Have to agree with you I too have been out of the UK for so long that I no longer fit in. As you say you no longer understand the in jokes, whose a celeb etc. Feel like a foreigner in my own country! Which is not a prob as I rarely go back. We do have a TV (42" !!!) but its only used for watching DVD's and sport, the rest of the TV here in Dubai is American and to be avoided at all costs. Strange that here in a area where Americans are derided constantly for imposing their culture on the world and everyone watches American TV, goes to Mcdonalds & KFC!
  • As I said on a thread about 2 months ago: TV is the evil techno-spawn of the devil [or something to that effect].

    I guess thast every generation has it's media crap and its media luddites. I've been known to read a Grisham in the past and I doubt that it did me any good. And I do enjoy films.

    But in particualr (and as a generalisation) people who are addicted to soaps are unable to assimilate emotional events and make balanced decisions in real life. Also, they have "emotions by proxy" not seekinh emotion in real life as it is fed to them via the screen.

    Hence the verbal and sometimes physical attacks on actrs in the street (and I don't mean corrie there) because of the inability of the perpatrator to differentiate.
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