London Social

Old hands will remember Caz 'n' Gaz - former regulars at these occasions - this will be a spesh occasion for 'em, and they've promised to come along.

Can anyone bake a cake and put a candle on it?


  • I'll be there!
    Not letting other people's diary arrangements interfere with a social this time!

    Will go in search of special cake tin :-)
  • SP and myself won't be there ;-(

    We'll be driving to the Lakes, the taking part in the Keswick 1/2 on Sunday.
  • Ah NO! I can't make this one EITHER! :-((((((
  • Oh Trolleys! Perhaps you should tell us which Fridays this year you are free Nic, and we'll try and fit round you.
  • The good news is that I'll be making a special guess appearance.

    What do you mean, I always turn up to these?
  • :( I'll be in will have to start my own.....but will anyone come? Probably not....just me in a pub with a copy of RW...actually...sounds alright!
  • I'll be there, hopefully my legs will have recovered from FLM by then
  • I'll be there... - Hope I get a number this time. ... :-(
  • will someone please tell me what the numbers are about...I'll ring that Waaps neck!
  • I'll be there.
    <<wanders off humming old Michael Jackson tune>>
  • im on holiday....
  • I'll try to be there in mind as well as body this time!!!

    [Note to self: no early start with Andy]
  • Yep I'll be there, and no race that weekend!

    Yay - Beer!
  • Count me in...
  • and me!
  • Depends on my evening work but the signs are good...
  • and me
  • I think I can make this one.
    Waap, I hope you're coming we've got something to discuss. Still trying to convince a few others to attend.

    So what are you waiting for, Hollywood, JPVD, BaconRoll, Cariad, Kinsey, Percy et al?
  • Me too! (fancy that!)
  • Count me in as well

  • Destiny? Don't tease. What have we got to disc...

    Oh! I've just remembered.

    Er... I might be there.
  • i fink i'll be there

    my birfday on the 22nd so i expect presents, free drinks and, err, well, use your imagination i'm sure you'll think of something
  • I have a strange feeling that im gonna ......

  • sick?
  • why on earth would petal and me want to come all the way to London to get ratarsed with a bunch of fools who only talk about sex, booze, nonsense and nothing to do with r*nning which this forum is all about??????

    OK - we might be there
  • with my presents?
  • Tempting, but not promising anyhting..
  • Oh, Barkles! Do say you'll come - PLEASE!
  • Oh doooooooooooo Barkles honey, Pleeeeeaaaaasssssssseeeeeeeeeeeee.

    Ahem! that was me being Shambs by the way, I dont call men friends honey.....Not in front of evevyone anyway.
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