A sub-4 marathon at 85 years old

Blimey. He'd show me a clean pair of heels.

Likes to train around a local cemetery, it says ... I guess he's not going to be a customer anytime soon.


  • Impressive! 


  • Amazing!
  • He's pretty extraordinary.  

    I'm also very happy with his use of the word fiddle-diddling.

  • Maybe the cemetery is where all his friends are

  • Amazing.  In one way, he gives hope to us all.   In another, he's a disaster for all male runners who take motivation from maintaining their WAVA age grading score as the years go by!  

    They're based on gender/age-group world records aren't they?  And he just took half an hour off the marathon record...  to go alongside many other such age-group WRs at different distance over the years.


    I'm impressed that he's using running shoes that are 15 years old, bet he wasn't persuaded to buy anything at the Expo.

    He's a fine example of talent, training and determination

  • Fiddle-Diddling ? Is that Mr Burns off of the Simpsons ?

    And 2.54 at 73. FFS....
  • I only just managed to get under 5 hours when I was 28.

  • stridentstrident ✭✭✭
    How do you get to that age without all the usual associated injuries and operations that do not always help.Is it in the genes.I have looked in mine and cannot find anything that will help me run faster.
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