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  • Hi Andy- I'm staying at intercontinental in Times Square so might be near you. I'm going to look up restaurants soon and pre book. I normally do this for marathon races when away from home. Once I see something I'll let you know names of places. Don't fancy the pre buffet meal myself as usually too many people and not great food. However someone might have been before and it might be good. 
  • andyc209andyc209 ✭✭✭
    was worried about quality of food - hopefully most of the local restaurants have 'marathon menus' on for that weekend.  was looking at booking too but some have said its too far in advance at the moment
  • Hi Stephen, you are staying just two blocks down the road from me
  • How is everyone training going. I've started to step it up last week and started this week with a good 11.6m run. I've incorporated swimming/lightweights/spinning classes into my weekly routine which not only helps with training but will hopefully reduce risk of running injuries 
  • andyc209andyc209 ✭✭✭! I am still getting out and running sub 40m 10ks and training on hills - already done a few 15m runs - avg about 50m p/w at moment...BUT.... i am injured and it may be a bad one. Been plagued with a bad knee since December but run the 48m Dopey challenge, London and Edinburgh on it already this year but now its getting worse. Finally agreed to see a Doc last friday and he took one look and sent me for X-ray - Knee painful most of time, cracks etc - could it be cartilage? Doc said have you rested it - 'of course' i said, done ultrasound, compression, ice etc. Basically i said if you have to do anything with it is has to a a short time out as i have NYC and he looked at me like a madman!! Still awating results but still out running but not gone any higher than 15m - usually do a 20+ each weekend - think i have to re-evaluate my goal for NYC - just get round and enjoy rather than go for sub 3! Ill find out more from Doc on Friday i think
  • Andy- sound like you should be resting not running. Why don't you do swimming or bike whilst you await results. 
    I could only dream of a sub 3hour marathon. I would love 3:30 but I think 3:45 at best at moment. I've heard so many good things about New York that enjoying the whole experience will be my priority at moment. All depends how next 8 weeks training goes before deciding on predictions. My 52nd birthday tomorrow so an easy 3m run before out with family all day, then back to interval training Wednesday.
    Good luck for Friday 
  • andyc209andyc209 ✭✭✭
    thanks Stephen - i can get round ok at the moment so not training to max levels to protect it - i don think i can be doing any more damage till i find out for sure what it is. I think swimming is going to be the option as i think biking on a bad knee may be just as bad. Still nothing can be as worse as spending 4hours last night trying to get my Tokyo ballot done! 
  • Andy- I've entered Tokyo as well, don't hold out much hope but doesn't cost to enter!!!
  • Hi guys,

    i am signed up for NYC too, I tried the ballot but no luck so running without a sports tours international. I am staying at the belvedre on 48th street a couple of blocks from Times Square and 10 south of Central Park.

    training wise, I have been gearing up for the Berlin marathon so I'm 12 weeks into that, then just get a few long runs in between Berlin and NY I think.

    New York will be my 4th marathon after running Paris & Liverpool earlier this year.
  • andyc209andyc209 ✭✭✭
    i might do Sports Tours Int if my Tokyo ballot entry fails - desperate to get the 6 majors done and Tokyo will be the last one after NYC. 
  • I entered the ballot for Tokyo as well but not expecting anything. I have a 100% ballot failure rate over the past 2yrs.

    Sports Tours are offering places for Tokyo 18 now so you could always price it up with them. When the New York ballot was due to be drawn they put an offer on where you could save £150 on the registration which expired the day the ballot was drawn, but they were offering to refund your race fee if you were successful with the ballot. Might be worth keeping an eye out next month to see if they do a similar offer for Tokyo.
  • andyc209andyc209 ✭✭✭
    will do - on the spur of the moment though i thought about Boston again yesterday - reserved a hotel and may just enter that registration too - see which comes through Tokyo or Boston - should be ok with acceptance to Boston as 14m inside time (3:01:20) - just loved that run into the finish in 2014 with all the emotion of the year before. If Sports Tours do refund entry fee for successful ballot runners that would be a good gesture.
  • Hi- is it Gatorade the drinks at drinks station. Also is it paper cups?
  • > @Stephen Elkan 2 said:
    > Hi- is it Gatorade the drinks at drinks station. Also is it paper cups?

    Hi Stephen just copied this from the marathon web site, hope it answers your question.

    Poland Spring® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water will be available at the start, finish, and at official fluid stations every mile beginning at mile 3.
    • Gatorade® Endurance Formula™ will be available at official fluid stations every mile beginning at mile 3 except at mile 17.
    • Fluids will be dispensed in recyclable cups. There will be tables on both sides of the course. To avoid the bottleneck at the first table, get a cup from a later table. Please keep moving after you pick up your cup.
    • The Poland Spring® Hydration Zone—including water stations, sponges, and music—will be located at mile 17 on First Avenue.
    • At the PowerGel Energy Zone at mile 18, assorted PowerGels will help you hurdle "the wall" and energize you to the finish.
    • Fruit will be available at the fluid stations at miles 20-23.
    • For your safety, take fluids and food only at official stations.
  • Thanks martznw. Not happy about paper cups, going to take my own drink I think. Shame only 1 gel station.
  • Hatton2009 I am running Berlin in a few weeks too and then I have Budapest to run 3 weeks later before I head to NYC.  I have also previously ran Paris 4:01 (last year) and Liverpool (this year) in 3:44 (my current PB).

    I am staying in Long Island and I am on the 5:45 ferry I think, so will probably have to leave about an hour before that to be safe and ensure that I am in the right place on time? Doing a bag check in, as I am a Type 1 Diabetic and will probably want my insulin and to get changed in to some nice warm clothes after the Finish. I did toy with the idea of the poncho but this would have meant going back to Long Island for a shower. I would rather just hit a pub on West Side or the Central Park area and await a slower runner that I know to Finish and hopefully my mate who is a fair bit quicker than I am.

    I was hoping to go for a PB in Berlin and/or Budapest, so it remains to be seen what will happen and how I feel like tackling New York on the day. Would expect a finish in NYC of anywhere from Sub 3:40 to 4+ hours depending on how I decide to run it.  I have another Marathon which will be a very tough one, at altitude in Uganda just 6 days after New York.

    What kind of times are you guys hoping to Finish in?

    It would be good to meet up with a few of you if you are having dinner somewhere on the Saturday evening.
  • Hi Smudger,

    I am pretty sure I saw you on the Paris forum earlier in the year? looks like we have and still are following each other around the world on this crazy marathon tour.

    I ran a PB in Liverpool as well, 3:39 after running Paris in 4:05 so a very similar pace to yourself. I am thinking my best chance for a quick (for me) marathon is going to be Berlin, I would love to run that sub 3:30 and then like you, I am not sure on NY on how hard to run it, my original goal was to run sub 4hr so I think that will be the New York target still. I am running Vegas the week after New York which I think maybe a more favourable course and not as chilly. Running Uganda sounds like a really tough run!!

    I currently don't have any plans for the Saturday night so I am up for meeting up somewhere or tagging along if someone has arranged something else already?
  • hi smudger and thats some busy weeks coming up - wish i could still do that much. Finally got diagnosed with early stage arthritis in my knee and told by the docs to stop running asap - so went home and ran 6 miles! - in the mindset now that whats done is done so just enjoy things whilst i can still run. Still seeking out possible ways to reverse the cartilage damage and have a referral to a specialist. 

    Still training but not at max mileage - was hoping for sub 3 but may be happy with a sub 3.15 (get GFA again for London even though it may be academic). 

    Berlin is fantastic - got my pb 2.57.27 there - such a quick course. 

    Not planned saturday yet - might just see what hotel are doing but if anyone has plans - post them on here and we could all meet up
  • Hi Andyc209, I have cartilage trouble in my left knee according to the GP and chat with a physio over the phone (I've had no expert actually look at it). Their diagnosis was the early onset of arthritis, but I believe that their diagnosis is wrong and that I have a slight tear in the cartilage from a football injury years ago. I have found over the last few years that running helps as it doesn't involve the constant change of direction. I am still far more likely to feel my injury during other sports.  I think that I just aim to do as much as is possible before the inevitable probably happens and I am told that one day I will need to have it operated on. During my runs it doesn't cause me any real issues, but I think that over compensating for that injury is why my left leg seems so injury prone compared to my right. My main problems with hamstring, calf muscles and stress fractures have all been down the left hand side. While the right leg feels like it could run all day the left one will tell it that it can't.

    Really looking forwards to Berlin now and have been told that the Breakfast Run on the Saturday actually finishes inside of the Olympic Stadium too. Hope to get a Sub 3:40 and push for as close to 3:30 as possible in Berlin.

    Hatton2009 - Look forwards to running with you and the rest of the Prostrate Cancer UK runners who are starting in our pen in Berlin.

    I will start asking the people that I already know who are going to New York, if they have any plans for a meal on Saturday evening. Will need to make it a pretty early one as will be up at Silly O'Clock to get from Long Island to be on the 5:45 ferry.
  • had my consultation with the specialist on saturday and in her words my GP is crazy! Told her the story and she looked at the Xrays and she says that the space between my joints is perfect and there is good clean edges to the bones. Says there is probably some cartilage tear in there but do NOT stop running - maybe just vary the load over a week (not running up to 80 miles a week) - so all systems go again - think i am in the same boat - eventually it will all catch up with me but for now just enjoy it whilst the consultant still says i can
  • unbelievable - got in to Tokyo via the ballot - that's the 6th and final one in the bag. Good luck Hatton and Stephen! Hope you get in too! :)
  • That’s  awesome! Congrats Andy. I didn’t make it this time, not too disappointed though, I thought I’d give it a go on the off chance, there is always 2019. 
    What was Chicago like? I am thinking of running it next year.
  • Sorry hatton, Chicago was a great run - flat as hell and always remember Elvis singing to the runners about 15 miles in. Only thing i'd say is it was quite noisy to sleep at night, think i was on the main drag to the hospital as ambulances all night. Getting around easy, city is beautiful around the river, expo was a bit disappointing. I did get tired the last 4 miles, think the travelling kicked in as i only got there late Friday, plus its back into the wind off the lake coming home to the finish. Deffo recommend but not my favourite major Boston gets that one on the raw emotion of the event given 2013 (ran the year after and it was so emotional for the whole city) 
  • wow yeh! running Boston is always going to be special but that year must have been something else! I am saving Boston for my 6th major, the plan is 2017 Berlin (yesterday) & NYC, 2018 London & Chicago 2019 Tokyo & Boston. I think most likely with a tour op for Chi & Tokyo and hopefully get GFA for Boston in Manchester next April. I have never been to Chicago but always looks so nice, same for New York as well, I can't wait to get out there and run through Manhattan and how is it less than 6 weeks away now? I hope your training has been going well?
  • still managing the training with this bad knee - still not hit 20 mile yet (got to 18) but planning this over the coming weekends - i think a lot of NYC marathon will be run on muscle memory - drawing on the other 26 marathons - i think its about mindset this time round - not chasing sub 3, aiming for approx 3.15 -3.20 is realistic. 
  • wow 26 marathons that is impressive!! NY will be my 4th, all this year. I hope the knee starts to feel better soon for you. I only got up to 18 miles before Berlin, missed the 20 mile run with injury which was nice timing lol. I have a 560km bike ride in Arizona in a weeks time, not your typical marathon training plan but its all good cardio work and low impact on the knees.
  • Hi guys- long time since I’ve been on here. Didn’t get into Tokyo which is probably a good thing as I’m thinking my body needs a bit of a break after New York. Training hasn’t gone as well as it should- Ealing HM I got my drink/gel strategies all wrong and scrambled home in 1:44 feeling slow last 2 miles. Massive lesson learnt and big wake up call. Have had mixed long runs but have now managed to do 6 all over 17m however only 1 x20m run. The only good thing is my 20m run was my best as I ran very steady (1min per mile slower than race pace) and had drink plus 3 good gel stops. I’m now just working on race pace and a bit slower with Stevenage HM this coming Sunday. I’m going to run first 4miles at 8:30 pace then aim to tun rest at as near to 8min pace. I did the same tactic 2 weeks before Manchester marathon in the spring and it gave me massive confidence going into the marathon. I ended up running my second fastest marathon there so hope for the same although my winter/spring training was much better. I still haven’t got my confirmation race number/pen although my 2 running colleague have. Did spinning last night and a good 6.5m run today now going to relax. 
    Hope all the injured are feeling better and everyone is staying away from colds/flu that is going around.
    happy running 
  • Also been loading it up over the last 2 weeks - been hitting approx 80 mile weeks with 23 miles on each last two Saturdays. First time i was worried how the knee would hold up but despite it being niggly and occasionally uncomfortable i got round in 3h 10m in driving rain. This saturday i did a more undulating 23m in the warmer weather we have had with the last 5m being all uphill - did a steady 3h 15m so i know the distance is OK on the knee even if its not always painless. Pace wise I know i can sustain 6min mile for 8 miles so i think the pace is there its just i am not sure my legs could sustain sub 7mm for 26 miles. Think i'm going into NYC to just have a blast in the first 13 miles and see what happens - would be happy sub 3h 15m - don't think sub 3 is on this time.

    Bought all my Gels and discovered Subway now stock my favourite Gatorade so bought plenty of them. Tested the new UltraBoost last night - they'll have another 30 miles put on them for race day - I'm all ready to go i think. One more 20m this weekend then start slowing down and rest the knee. 

    Might have a week off after then all gearing up for Tokyo :)
  • Good to stumble across this thread after downloading my number pickup form - Green Wave 1 Corral A. I am scheduled for a 5.30 bus from NY Library - seems ridiculously early, it must end up with 3 hours loitering at the start. Does anyone know if there are any problems in turning up for the bus say at 6.30 - I assume they must have hundred of buses shuttling back and forth ?
    Hoping to squeak under 3 hours - having just moved into the V60 category that would be quite cool.
    Managed to get a Tokyo place as well (to complete the set of 6 majors, hopefully all under 3 hrs). I paid for the charity entry to guarantee a place (about £700 donation required), still cheaper than going through the tour companies.
  • Hi Jon - I just got my confirmation for Green Wave 1 Corral A.  I went for the 6.00am mid town bus - i do think we'll be waiting a while at the start! I've also got Tokyo for the 6 majors too - do you know when we can get the 6 Star medals? Can we get them at the end of Tokyo? For my sins I will be running in a Tranmere Rovers top (a bet!) so hopefully see you down on the lower level dodging the golden rain from above (heard its not that bad) but it does look quite sheltered on that bridge run being lower down.
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