Air travel with gels, powders and other running potions?

Very quick question: if I planned to run a marathon outside of the UK, will I have to check a bag to be able to take stuff like gels, powder mixes, etc.?

My plan had been to travel with only hand luggage, but not sure what the rules are re: the gels etc. I am guessing the powder would be okay, maybe decanted into some kind of airtight container. Might get a few raised eyebrows at security though!


  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I think you'd likely be ok with gels in their original sachets, as these will be less than 100ml each, but remember that all your "liquids" need to fit in one of the wee plastic bags, so if you have toiletries as well, you might struggle.  I'd probably also leave the powder in original packaging - preferably sealed so that there's no doubt as to what's in there.

    Could you investigate if there's anywhere you could buy them when you get there (race expo?) as that might be an easier option.
  • I've never had a problem with gels or powders. Nessie's ideas are very wise. 
  • AndyLidAndyLid ✭✭✭
    Last month I was planning to take all my stuff in my checked-in bag, however as I was very late to the airport (own fault) I had to carry all the luggage onto the plane. After some frantic repacking, I can confirm that gels and liquid supplements are OK to be carried on; provided that they will fit into the little plastic bags (and are <100ml).
  • jtcedjtced ✭✭✭
    Ta - good to know :smile:
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