Centurion Running NDW 50miler

Just signed up, anyone else done it before? Or doing it?


  • I've done it before.  The first 24 miles or so are very runnable, then you get a double whammy of Box Hill and Reigate Hill one after the other.  It's a very scenic route with great views over the North Downs.

     I've done 3 of the 4 Centurion 50 mile races and personally I found it the toughest (I haven't done Wendover Woods.)

    I'm going back next year.
  • Will be my 1st 50miler, at the moment 11 marathons and 3 x 50km.  Glad I picked the toughest one lol...

    Glad the 1st half is runnable, aim to get to 25 miles inside 5 hours and hope to finish from that point.

    Heard good things about Centurion hence why choosing them as my 1st 50 miler, think I'll try and recee the route where I can, don't live too far away (Hertford). 

    Don't have much of an idea re training but will probably stick to my normal marathon training 30-40 miles a week with an extra long run some (alternate) weeks to back to get used to running on tired legs.

  • Centurion events are very well organised and supported.  The aid stations are well stocked and the courses are always very well marked, I've never recce'd any of the courses and have never got lost but familiarity with the course is always worth while.

    I thought it was the toughest of the three that I've done but others will disagree so it's all relative.

    Also, get used to eating solid food while on the run and see what works for you.

    Back to back long runs seem to be what most people advise, maybe try and throw in a couple of easy paced marathons as training runs in the build up.

    Once you've done one you won't look back, they get very addictive.
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