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Hi All... 

I’ve been suffering with knee pain for the last few weeks and the pain would appear after a couple of milesand after a visit to a physio this supposedly was to do with weak glutes and fallen arches in my feet. I’ve since had a gaint analysis and invested in a pair of shoes that support my feet and my arches, I’ve been doing stretches and strength work which the physio suggested and noticed an improvement, enabling me to do 5k without any pain. I’ve even had a sports massage! 

Visited the The physio again this morning and she said that there’s a marked improvement on the way my legs are and suggested I could try a little bit further. Well about 5 miles in, the pain came back and almost as bad as I’ve had it. I’m really struggling to deal with this and am in training for the Brighton half next month and also the London Marathon and j would be majorly gutted to have to miss out on both through lack of training because of this. The annoying thing is, is that the pain stops almost as soon as I stop running! 

Does anyone have any advice at all that will help or anything that will prevent this from happening? I really really don’t want my training to suffer and I don’t want to pull out of the two races as they will be hugely significant for me on a personal basis! 

Any my help would be great! 


  • Hey
    Where is the pain in your knee ? Medial/Lateral/Patella based?

    Is there any swelling post run?
    Very difficult to pinpoint exactly what it could be
  • > @xink1982 said:
    > Hey
    > Where is the pain in your knee ? Medial/Lateral/Patella based?
    > Is there any swelling post run?
    > Very difficult to pinpoint exactly what it could be

    Hi Xink, thanks for the reply, went to a running physio last night and she said it's patellofemoral pain syndrome, the pain is on my outer left knee, no swelling and the pain stops when I stop running.

    Do you have any recommendations on how long I should not run on it for? The physio said i can still run but to stop when i start to feel pain. This isn't great when it only holds out for 5 miles and i'm training for a marathon!! Starting to panic a bit if truth be told.
  • Hi Richie.

    I did have a serious injury back in 2004 playing football. and then after training for a marathon in Iceland in 2014 seriously damaged my meniscus and I'm on the verge of quitting the sport.

    Many people struggle when upping the mileage for long races - If you can run 5 miles - I would personally find a nice stretch of pavement and do 300m/400/500m tempo runs to maintain fitness - faster work outs - less mileage to do damage. and focus on 5k's or 10k's maybe ? If your unable to run 5 miles in Jan - Running 26 by April seems a big ask.

    In regards to your shoes - you could try some custom made insoles from a professional orthotic company - They may cost several hundred £'s - but will give more stability to you than a trainer which is "designed to correct your foot strike".
    After several surgeries my gait and foot strike are so bad I struggle to walk in a straight line and custom insoles may help if your gait is contributing to your issue.
    Hope this helps
  • This can be due to tight outer quads  - are you self-massaging those? If now, why not?

  • I have been wearing knee supports when I go running following an incident during a run which then prevented me from running more than about a mile (Normally run about 5 to 8 miles). I know the science with knee supports is a bit dodgy but the supports do work (possibly a pyschological response). I think they were about £15 each.
    bliss - wearing knees supports is a very bad idea, you will actually weaken the tendons and ligaments and could set yourself up for a lifetime of knee problems.   The only exception is a pat strap.   So no knee supports unless prescribed by your physio and it's unlikely that would happen.

    You need to deal with your injury or weakness in your knees by getting a proper diagnosis and a rehab plan
  • hi...

    I hope you don't mind me hi-jacking this discussion, but I've only just registered and presume I can't just stroll in and start a discussion.....and this thread seemed the most fitting......

    so...I think I also may be struggling with a little runners knee...

    I'm 'ok' as a runner and would describe myself as a 'keen amateur'. I'm 36 and have been running 'properly' for about 2 years now. I have 4 half marathon's under my belt (1:43pb) and I have my first marathon to look forward to in April.

    My last half marathon was September, so I was 'at that distance' then...and managed to slowly progress and managed a 20miler in just before Christmas (horrible conditions but i was happy enough with 3hrs 6mins).............anyway...since about early December i have suspected a bit of Runners Knee and would like some advice from some of you more experienced runners.

    I can run on my maybe feels a little weak when running but no 'pain' as such. The pain comes sometimes in the middle of the night or when im sat on the train for a long time. It's not been as bad lately but it had been REALLY painful. The pain is located kind of just under my right knee.

    Since my 20miler before xmas, I have tried to take it easy, I had about 9 days off and haven't gone over 8 miles.

    What I guess I need to whether I should continue my training as planned, which will involves fortnightly runs of around 20-22 I need to rest? if so, for how long?....or is this all 'part of the process'? I say, i'm not in pain when I run, it's more when my leg is in one position for a long time.

    Look forward to your comments....thank you!

    norm - I don't know, it doesn't sound to me like the usual runner's knee as you can run relatively pain free.   I think you need to go to a physio and get a diagnosis.

    I have a similar intermittent niggly knee which my sports therapist has roughly diagnosed as either a touch of arthritis or a bit of loose cartilage, but I've still been able to run marathons on it.

    I take it you mean that the pain is at the front just below your knee, not at the back of the knee?
  • Hi shades...

    thanks....yea, it is at the front below the knee.....and yea, I guess it could be a touch of arthiritis, something I had considered.......and the fact you have run marathons with a similar problem is actually great news (if you know what I mean).

    You're right...I need to get to the physio, if only for peace of mind.

    I think if you know what it is it can become easier to deal with.  

    Last autumn it was suddenly sore when I got up on a marathon morning, and was even sore on the start line. but I ran the whole 26.2 miles with no pain at all, it's weird.   So I don't worry about it but do make sure my shoes are well cushioned and not worn out.
  • yea, i think you are right.

    I'm going to book in with physio...and fortunately ive just changed my shoes - i probably ran too many miles in old ones.
  • I suggest that you run off road as often as possible, as this will cause less stress to the knee. I have been struggling with a menisci tear, and the osteopath suggested that I cross train by cycling or swimming. I don't have a bike, but am doing "spin sessions" twice a week, and also upper body strength workouts in the gym. I'm now running 3 times a week off road, gradually increasing the mileage. 
    I've entered the Southampton Marathon, which is in April, and I ran last year in 4.10. I probably won't run it this year though, as it is all on roads, and I haven't attempted to try road running again yet.
  • I am a newbie runner, currently in week 7 of couch to 5k (did week 6 twice). Towards the end of last week i felt a little niggle in one knee, right in the middle and it is a very pin-pointed pain. Rested for 5 days and tried my first run of week 7 today (5 min walk and then a 25 min run) on the same route as i have been doing. the pain was definitely worse, not so bad that i had to stop though.
    i'm trying to find somewhere that does gait analysis near me but struggling, next step is go to the docs and see if i can be referred to a physio i guess. but in the mean time does anyone have any suggestions? my current shoes are Asics GT1000 - 6 but now i'm thinking they're the wrong style for me!
    izzy - your knee pain is not necessarily caused by your shoes.  If your shoes were completely wrong for you I would expect you to have pain or some discomfort in both knees.  

    5 days is not long to rest an injury and expect it to heal.   Rest again and when you think it's OK try a walk/run but start with a gentle run session of no more than 2 minutes, then walk for a while, and see how it is, don't continue to run if it hurts.   If it's no better your GP can refer you to a NHS physio, you might have quite a wait depending on waiting list, but private is not cheap.
  • Izzy.. The Asics GT1000 6 are for people who over pronate a little bit...  take a look on the Asics web site, it also gives advice on what pronation is, I use the Asics GT2000 5 & 6 as I over pronate a little bit.
  • Hi,

    Sorry to hijack the thread but I’m guessing I’m not allowed to start one until I’ve been a member for a while. Looking for some advice from other runners.

    To cut a very long story short, I was a keen runner, doing a few miles (between 3 and 6) about 3 to 4 days a week. Around July last year, decided to jump on my bike one summers night. Cycling home I felt a sudden sharp pain in my right knee. Thought nothing of it and iced and rested for a week, but 6+ months later and it has been the same ever since.

    I went to GP after 3 weeks, did the usual of Ibruprofen Gel, Nuproxen and even and MRI scan but nothing would touch the pain and the scan came back clear. I then joined the gym in October under GP advice to work on strengthening my legs. Seemed to be going Ok until Jan 2018 and the pain came back worse and even started in left knee to some extent. My legs have also started to just generally ache all over. It doesn’t help that my job is a 12 hour days at a desk for 4 rolling days.

    I had physio session which she explained the issue could be tight hammies. I’ve also had a sports massage with another one coming up. Un be known to myself I I had been running in the wrong shoes during my time (which I have now sorted but havnt actually used yet) The Physio however doesn’t believe this is the cause.

    Has anybody else been in a similar situation? It has been a long time now since I was able to run and its becoming harder to stay motivated. Any advise/ thoughts welcome

    Thanks 
  • So...after some good advice in this thread I got myself around Brighton Marathon on Sunday...injury/pain free.

    My first marathon....and mighty pleased with 3:51.

    thanks for the advice.
    marknorm - that's great news, well done.
  • thanks the kind of guy that always looks back and thinks 'I could have gone a bit quicker'...but this; I gave it everything, so I'm delighted...thanks for the advice.

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