Quick Heel Drop Question

Hi All

I slightly over pronate and have been running in Saucony Guide 9's for almost 2 years and these trainers have heel drop of 8mm.
I can no longer buy the 9's in my size so I tried the Guide 10's but these were just too stiff and bruised my ankles. 

So I need to find a new shoe.
Should I stick to shoes with a 8mm heel drop?
I quite like the look of Hoka One One's but they all have heel drop of 5mm.
Not sure whether I should risk a change in heel drop especially as i'm half way through my marathon training plan.

Can anyone provide any advise.


    OTB - might be a bit risky switching to a lower heel drop now.   I too run in the Guide 9's for my races (I've stockpiled a couple of pairs) but I wouldn't want to do a marathon in anything less than an 8mm drop.   I have some Hokas that I love but know that the heel drop is too low for me for longer stuff.   Before the Guides I used to race in Brooks Adrenalines which I think are a 10-12 mm heel drop

    The newer Guides are out now the Guide ISO, maybe you can get to a running shop to try a pair on.   If you page back on my training thread Slowkoala bought a pair a few weeks ago and commented on them.
  • Morning Shades

    Thanks for the info, my gut feeling was to avoid changing heel drop for the long distance. I just really fancied a pair of Hoka's :) . I'll look into the Guide ISO's.
    The only other two I have found that are comparable on paper to the guide 9's are Adidas Ultra Boost ST and New Balance Vazee Prism V2.
    Choices choices....
    OTB - you can always get some Hokas for training, they are hardwearing and you can get a lot of mileage out of them.

    Re your comparable shoes, try them on first, I can't wear adidas, too narrow and the last is the wrong shape for me.   I've used NB shoes quite a lot but not tried that model.   There are so many lovely shoes around.
  • Hi Shades, I found a site last night that still had Guide 9's in stock and there is a 10% offer code. extra10 I think.

    Thought you might be interested. 
    Thanks OTB, great price but not in my size unfortunately. :(

    I bought my last pair for a similar price.   I had set up runrepeat.com to email me if the price of the Guide 9's dropped and Sportsshoes must have found another batch and thanks to runrepeat.com I was able to grab a pair.
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