The Highland Cross

Is anyone taking part this year?

It's a 50 mile duathlon, 20 miles on foot then 30 mile cycle.

I've done it a few times already but always walked. This year I've entered as a runner/jogger.... eeeek... So i am tyring to create a training plan. I've just recently done my first half marathon although having got myself the flu straight after i've had to take two weeks off since - very frustrating - am hoping not all my fitness has drained away.



  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Haven't done the cross since 2004, but it's a fantastic event.  It's a tricky one to train for, because you won't know until a couple of weeks out whether you will be facing waist deep water or dry river beds.

    You have plenty of time to regain any fitness lost (not that you will have lost much) and it's definitely more about time on feet than speed.

  • Thanks Nessie delighted to know someone else knows it. Last year was the worst of the 8 crosses i've done! I'm hoping it will be much better this year... still not come up with a plan but am feeling bit more like my old self after flu.. A
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