Exeter Marathon

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Hi there,

I did this last year and am looking to do it again, also because I did part of my training on soft surfaces because of injury. I gather the course is the same and I remember some bits were on soft surfaces. Does anyone remember how long that was, say on the whole 6 miles or something, or just a few hundred yards?

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    Why not email the RO, he will know exactly how much of the course is off road.
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    I ran this in 2016.  Most of it is on tarmac bike/walkers' paths around the Quay and alongside the old ship canal. I can't remember any sections that I would describe as "soft", so I would suspect that it is nearer to a few hundred yards than the whole 6 (do you mean 26?) miles.

    Here's a link to my strava log of the run:

    I see that there is a stretch of a few hundred yards under trees alongside the university playing fields which is definitely on softer more earthy paths (same as part of the Exeter Riverside parkrun), so that is probably what you remember. 
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    Hi Shades, thanks very much. I did try that but I got a vague response, as I suspect he cannot remember if he did not run it himself.

    Tim, thanks a lot! I think that's what I remember under trees alongside the university playing fields. I'll check out the strava log!
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    Hi guys, thank you so much again. I've just had a tour on google maps and seen that, of course, there's a lot of grass on both sides of the river bank paths. So if I can do with some relief from tarmac, I can always go on that one. It's going to slow me down a bit but on the other hand, I should be used to keeping up the pace on a slower surface by now, so all in all I think it will be fine.
    Tim - I believe the course has been changed a bit since 2016, I haven't run it since then either.

    VA - there were some parts I remember along by the river with grass on both sides you couldn't really run off the path as it was overgrown.  But there were other parts that I'm sure you could run on the grass if the marshals let you.

    Some of the parts along the canal are concrete which is much harder surface to run on than ordinary tarmac.

    Just make sure your shoes have some decent cushioning and you should be OK.
  • > @VA said: > "I've just had a tour on google maps "

    Hello, I'm doing this next week and trying to find out more information about the course. I was wondering where you got the google maps information? Do you have a link to a map which shows the course? I've emailed the organiser but no reply so far.

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    The route is available from the event website....
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