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  • Entries for the Lakeland 50/100, on the other hand, did open at 9am on Saturday - and the Lloyd Park cafe's internet was playing up so I had to dash back home to go online to try to enter. And 1,700 people trying for 1,200 places in the space of less than 10 minutes crashed the server! Thankfully, after the dust settled, I was one of the luck ones acknowledged as having started the entry process before 09:06:30 and I have had my place confirmed. Really looking forward to another chance at this - and then maybe the 100 in 2020 (if I can get better at staying awake overnight on these things)...
  • Phew, well done Debra.

    Well done to RR on a great race.
  • its back online ...but i lost all our recent chat in 2018?

  • I've had an automated e-mail advising I've been "unbanned", not that I had received an e-mail prior to this all kicking in to say I was "banned" but that seems to have cured things.
  • Congrats on your recent unbanning!  Will there be cake?
  • Lowrez - congratulations :)

    Jar - all 2018 chat still on my thread
  • Sorry, couldn't resist chewing that first one
  • All yours Lowrez,  won't eat anything with raisins.  

    Hey SS - yep, they restored them after a while.  I think we're back to normal at last - well....except the excuse for a cake above

  • Up North those are the finest delicacies of Eccles Cakes, maybe I could offer you an alternative of ours;

  • Thanks Debra, and thanks to Runners World too :)
  • Now, we need to take it easy on the above cakes as eating too many makes you feel like you've just run Comrades, well, at least I feel this way after it... Healthcare professionals have warned against overindulgence in Pontefract cakes after a 56-year-old woman was admitted to hospital following an overdose. The woman consumed about 200g daily, leading to dangerously low potassium levels and subsequent muscle failure. The European Commission recommends limiting consumption of the active ingredient, glycyrrhizic acid, to 100 mg or less per day.

  • Lowrez - That is the same ingredient found in liquorice which can raise your blood pressure as happened in Mr. SS's case.  :)

    Seren - you do know that if your mobile has data in the uk then you can use that data free in Europe, which means you don't need wifi in Italy to enter Comrades and as you'd be making a payment it would also be more secure not using wifi
  • Hadn't been on the forum in a while but see there's been plenty of action with bans & disappearing threads! I'm still plugging away, two half-marathons in the last three week weeks & a third one coming up the w/end after next. As well I've entered a trail ultra in Germany that's on next May called the Rennsteiglauf (, have friends living nearby so perfect to combine a holiday & a bit of a run.

    Still have a month or so before I have to get off the fence for Comrades next year I guess :) Hope everyone is doing well.
  • HI JK - that ultra is quite close to Comrades, will you be treating it as your final long slow run of the campaign before you commence the taper?
  • A good chunk of us ran London this year - I picked up a late spot via a charity after the intended runner fell in training and broke their elbow. They ultimately recovered from that; they were "only" on a crusade to run London really and haven't consequently continued to run long. Anyway I made the commitment to bring in £2,500 for the charity with the hope that whatever I managed to draw in would be "double matched" by the company I work for. Happy to say that came about and I dropped in a couple of weeks ago to hand over "the double". In total the charity got £3,550...  

    Loved the London run so much that I want to run it for the next few years for sure; its at a great spot in the calendar to just have a marvellous day out (if you've already qualified of course - or if not have a go at a sub-5) and a fine opportunity to see some of you. So I'm already in for 2019 with another charity, being able to pick this early means I have managed to limit the "burden" to "only" a £1,800 commitment.

  • Looking very healthy and at fighting weight there Lowrez!   Although it was a struggle identifying you without a frock on.  :p 
  • Yes, that's me with the red hair :) Should've gone in the Mary Quant dress I ran in really! 
  • Well done Lowrez - glad you're in it already.  Waiting to hear if I get lucky with a ballot slot, then I can just walk it all day! (Slim chance! of a slot though).
  • Thanks Terry - I am in the ballot too - I don't want to flaunt any rules - but the mind goes to thinking that if the ballot place came through would the connection to my charity entry automatically be made or would both remain standing alone? In which case I could defer the ballot place to 2020? I know the charity would release me from my £1,800 commitment if I declared it so I wouldn't mind that either if the scenario above was not right and proper.

    So, if you do get in Terry we could attempt a similar rendezvous to last year, but this time I might actually catch you up and we could have an ice cream or two?

  • I'm not running it, but this made me laugh...

  • When is a marathon not a marathon?

    Or have I gone 42k blind? Can anyone find an option for it?

  • Terry48Terry48 ✭✭✭
    edited September 2018
    I know that Midwinter Marathon very well.  I ran it in Feb. 2011 as a Comrades qualifier when it was actually still a full 42.2km. In later years they had changed to only offering the much shorter present options but just retained the 'Marathon' name! That qualifier was for Comrades 2011, to be my first since Comrades 2000, having only recently restarted training.

    It was really memorable for a very unusual reason - don't laugh too loudly!  It was a smallish field with 498 finishers and 5 hour cutoff for the full marathon. Running near the back, about 2km from the end I missed a turn because the marshals had apparently abandoned a 90 degree turn point in the bitterly cold , windy weather, with only a trickle of runners still remaining!  There was no one else in sight ahead or behind me so I got rather lost as I entered town. I asked passers by (in my broken Dutch, ex Afrikaans knowledge) for directions at a few points, to the street name where I knew it finished.  I eventually found the finish as I crossed the finish line, up the street from the wrong direction!!!  :o . It was chip timed and I was anxious to bag my qualifier so I ran the wrong way for about 100 metres, turned around and re crossed the line the right way to be sure to log a result (or two?).  Result: About 4:47, as below's official result and no one seemed to have noticed me crossing the line both ways! With only 9 runners finishing behind me in the next 13 minutes, I think people had lost interest in the cold. (I did more than standard distance per the maps I subsequently viewed!). I also re-qualified in Paris that April.

    I'm sure none of you have managed to cross the line the wrong way by accident?  :) My friends and family thought that was hilarious!

    Naam Terence Cross
    Woonplaats / vereniging Johannesburg
    Afstand Centraal Beheer Achmea Marathon
    Categorie M60
    Totaal plaats 489 / 498
    Categorie plaats 12 / 12
    Snelheid 8,819 km/uur
    34 kilometer 3:47:03
    Bruto tijd 4:48:14
    Nettotijd 4:47:05
    Uw relatieve finishpositie in het totale deelnemersveld van de Centraal Beheer Achmea Marathon

  • That is an amazing tale Terry - I have to admit I am laughing! You did really well to re-locate the finish, sub 5, AND pass completely under any scrutinizing radar! Can't see this happening at Chicago etc!

    I will continue my search for something flattish in Januaryish :) 

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