First Run Back

First run (5K) back after nearly 2 years, doctor said i prob never run races or at all after my injury, but i showed him.
i had to run slow, 27.33 (lost alot of time from years ago) and had to stop ever mile and walk 0.1km so leg stopped hurting.
im happy with where i came, and managed to over take few people and keep alot behind me, but kind of half victory because still feel glum that i cant run fully anymore.
i felt embarrassed when i had to walk stop leg hurting when people or Marshall saw me or overtook, and then i had to over take them again
got another race in August 10k,

i have accepted that im not going to be able run no stop anymore because of leg so have to develop a new method and looking them as completing them not complete run races.

i dont know, i may change to more run/walk them or do more walking events


  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    Considering you were advised that you wouldn't run again that is a truly fantastic effort.
  • That's a fantastic effort, your story can inspire many others
  • Well, it is a true, inspirational act of human's bravery and diligence. Just hope you don't end up on crutches by doing such things.
  • 27.33 is not a bad time considering your back story 

    No need to be embarresed 

    Just do whats good for you and avoid further injury
  • You’ve just got to keep perspective! What you did is very impressive, and the time is one many people (past injury or not) would be proud of. It’s hard to not feel like we meet the expectations we set for ourselves but just keep going and aim to achieve new,slightly adapted goals, maybe quick recovery time rather than speed or no breaks? Good luck!  
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