First Run Back

First run (5K) back after nearly 2 years, doctor said i prob never run races or at all after my injury, but i showed him.
i had to run slow, 27.33 (lost alot of time from years ago) and had to stop ever mile and walk 0.1km so leg stopped hurting.
im happy with where i came, and managed to over take few people and keep alot behind me, but kind of half victory because still feel glum that i cant run fully anymore.
i felt embarrassed when i had to walk stop leg hurting when people or Marshall saw me or overtook, and then i had to over take them again
got another race in August 10k,

i have accepted that im not going to be able run no stop anymore because of leg so have to develop a new method and looking them as completing them not complete run races.

i dont know, i may change to more run/walk them or do more walking events


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