Outside Vs Treadmill

I have been running 5ks with ease on the treadmill recently and decided it was a nice evening and i should run outside so i started my run on the canal and within 1k i could not run any more due to my shins being extremely tight, I expected it to be a bit more difficult but not so hard i could not even run 1k, Does anyone have any advice for running outside?


  • HI Jaysevern - there is a difference between treadmill running and running outside. The treadmill uses slightly different muscle sets as it kind of pushes you along. You also get something of a bounce from the belt which you don't really get from running on tarmac or pavement and that may also mean you're feeling the impact more when running outside, Try running at a slower pace outside until you get used to the difference.

    The other thing to consider is your running shoes. They may be causing you a problem.
  • I tried running slower on the park run today and it helped a lot, I finished the 5k without any issues at all. Thanks for the advice :)
  • Slight 2 degree of elevation on the treadmill is advised by many seasoned runners, it help replicate running outside when you are on the treadmill so the transition will be easier and not so much of a shock, esp if you started running only on the treadmill.
  • Does your treadmill have the setting to switch between soft and hard surfaces?
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