Plantar Fasciitis

I did a half marathon last Sunday with run/ walk strategy. My training went ok, I got up to 10 miles but then hurt my back and got a cold so the last 2 weeks only did couple of short runs.

I seem to have picked up plantar fasciitis on both feet after the half, the left being bit worse. Never had this before.

Should I call the doctor/ go to physio or will it get better by doing the exercises that they will be giving you anyway?
I still have some naproxen when my back went so have been taking that for the past 3 days. Stretching calves, achilles, rolling the bottom of my foot, doing the towel stretch etc. What more can they really offer you?

I can't be completely immobile as I have to walk to work which is between 3-5 miles. Or would cycling be better?

I was thinking if doesn't get better in couple of weeks doing the above things, I will go to the doctors then.

Does anyone have any personal experience they can share?


    I would think it unlikely you've picked up PF in both feet from one race.   PF generally is an overuse injury that comes on over a period of time and your mileage has been very low.

    I would guess that you're not used to doing that sort of distance and you have a severe case of post race DOMS and soreness.   Keep doing some gentle stretches and keeping mobile with your walking, make sure your shoes are supportive and comfortable.  But elevate your feet too when you have the opportunity.  Walk or cycle, do which is more comfortable for you

    Going to the GP is a waste of time, if it continues refer yourself for physio at your GP's surgery.   If you have PF you can be in for a long rehabilitation, if you're lucky 3 to 4 months, not so lucky a year maybe.  A physio would give you exercises and might show you how to tape it up.   I don't think painkillers are usually prescribed for PF as it's such a long term injury.
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    Thanks Shades for reply. Yes, my mileage has been low and my 'training' period was also short to get up the mileage as for last year's HM I didn't get enough long runs in. From all I've read, still leaning towards PF due to the area affected and really it's more on the left foot. Seems like my left foot is more prone to injury (so obviously some kind of imbalance in my running form) as I had a different injury on my left foot after last year's HM. Also, I'm a bit overweight.
    Maybe you need shoes that offer a bit more support and cushioning, especially as you say you are carrying a bit of weight.

    Is the pain starting to ease off now?
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    Still wake up in the morning and it is tight. On Sunday tried to go for a short walk but it was just too painful. Seemsto be ok walking to work though. Been still icing and massaging and stretching but given up on the naproxen.
    That's good that it's starting to improve and that you can walk to work OK.
  • Hi, not sure how to start a new thread or if i need too..
    I suffer with foot pain on every run, no matter how well i look after my body. I think It is PF, but, I wear many types of trainers as I am a sports teacher and have a bit of a trainer problem.... I have a feeling that this is where the problem lies with my feet. With no trainers on I am Neutral heal to toe runner. What i have realised is that, different trainers change the way I walk. Some trainer soles are worn on the outside, some on the inside and some in the middle. Im not sure I would start to only wear one pair, so i was wondering if there is an insole that keep my feet the same all the time. I have a reasonably high arch, but suprinate insoles done really work for me. any help would be much appreciated. :)
    Alex - you can't start a new thread until you've done 10 posts on existing threads.

    I would suggest you go and see a podiatrist, they can analyse your foot type and also tell you if you have PF or it's just pain caused by the wrong type of shoe or the way you run.  If you don't have medical insurance or want to pay privately your GP should be able to refer you. 
  • Hi - I know icing has been mentioned, but I have always found that rolling it on a frozen water bottle helps. Also throughout the day at work I will roll my foot on a tennis ball. This is for both PF and just generally when the base/arch of my feet feel strained. If you think it is PF then you can also get PF socks for quite cheap (I got mine from ebay for only fiver). They It looks a little odd but hold your feet back so they do not go into downward flexion over night. I find a few nights of that and rolling on the water bottle seems to help and keep me ticking over.
  • I've had pf since 2012. I've tried no running for 18 months, wearing an orthopedic boot overnight, rolling of tennis ball/golf ball, had an ultrasound scan and was told there is some slight thickening of the tissue but it was considered inconsequential (heals still hurt though) - no treatment offered. I've given up that it will ever go and got back into running. I'm up to 30mpw with one interval session (that makes it hurt) and I can manage it. But it is sore, I hobble around like an old man first thing in the morning. If anyone has a solution, I'd be grateful.
  • oh, orthotics don't work either
  • Hi All,

    Apologies, tried to start a new thread but it's not giving me the option (maybe as i'm a new member?)

    I'm 5ft 4 and 15st 10lbs, i've lost about half a stone so far by altering my diet and become more active through playing five a side football and a little light jogging, i've done this for the best part of 3 months now and have had issues with foot pain (right foot mainly) for most of this period.

    I've been to the doctors and he said it could be the start of plantar faciitis or simply impact pain caused by exercising and being overweght. Alot of the symptoms i've had have slowly started to disappear with rest although i continue to have almost constant daily stinging pains on the instep side of my heal (approx an inch from the back).

    My question is, should i avoid exercise until the pain completely disappears or should i restart exercising and losing weight and hope that the pain starts to disappear as my weight comes down?
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