Hip pain, jogging style etc

Here I go, I am female 32 and have been jogging for 2 years, for the first 6 months shin splints held me back, I got some hokas and pressed on. However for the last 3 months I have had hip pain, I stopped jogging for a full month with no improvement, saw the Dr for referred but still waiting - this was 2 months ago. The pain is aggrevated by jogging but doesn't actually hurt whilst jogging until I am well into my third mile, however straight after and the next 2-3 days I know about it and don't feel able to run again  for about 7 days. it hurts most when laying on it or when I have been sat for a while and have to stand. It seems to be on the outside top of my hip. Anyway, I have recently started work on straightening my pelvis when I run in the hope it will help. I have had advice from others to get my gait measured and get some proper running shoes but am worried about doing this incase the hip pain leads to me having to change my jogging style and this then changes my gait! Hope that makes sense, any ideas?


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    Have you seen a physio? They should be able to say whether you need to change your style or it is something else. Did your GP tell you to straighten your pelvis? If so did they give you any advice? Many questions but I have been through the strange hip pain diognosis!
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    Sounds very much like greater trochanteric pain, either glut med/min tendinopathy or ITB friction, or both. Likely cause is lack of core stability, particularly around the hips. If you get the pain into your 3rd mile, only run 2 miles or less for the moment, maybe a couple of weeks off altogether might be good. Pushing through will not help and will just make recovery longer.

    Try to get in to see a physio.
  • Have made contact with a physio today, was hoping I could work through it myself but clearly it's not working! Will update when I make progress. It's so annoying I love jogging and know I could be hitting 5-6 miles 3 times a week if it wasn't for my failing body!! I need the jog after a day with my toddler twins. Annoyingly I can spin till I'm near collapse and suffer no pain but it's just not jogging! 
  • Hello  I've had similar issues in the past as well as ITB. I found that doing glute stretches / strengthening, hip flexor exercises and foam rolling resolved the issue. I now do this daily 

    Hope this helps 

  • It doesn't hurt until your 3rd mile into running as you have an injury and your body hasn't fully recovered yet!

    Sadly I cannot run anymore due to a knee injury .... However about 12 months before my retirement I had bad hip pain caused by upping my mileage too quickly and over training.

    Do you get a sharp stabbing pain in your hip?

    Could be Hip Bursitis. I rested for a couple of months then began running again slowly - If your running and feel the pain commencing - STOP the run or are going to delay the recovery process 

  • Hey all just an update, saw a physio about two weeks ago and he has given me stretches to improve my bum muscles (don't know the posh name!) He thinks they are so week they are not supporting my hip area correctly. So am pressing on with them to see if it helps! He suggested it is the ball in mymhip.nit rotating smoothly?? Annoying I had to stop jogging tonight due to inner knee pain 😥 I love jogging but my poor body doesn't! Guess I will be back to the spin bike for a bit which sucks but it's exercise at least! Going to the physio also made me realise how unaware of my muscles I am and how to use them so have also started some yoga to try and get used to what does what haha. 
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