Complete newbie saying hello

Hi everyone, just wanted to say hi and introduce myself.

I am completely new to running. I'm a 31 year old who will soon become a father for the second time so I decided I should probably start taking better care of myself and so I've decided to get into running. I am dreading how hard it will be and am afraid of injury but I really am excited to get started. I've got a plan worked out and will be doing my first run/walk tomorrow morning, planning on around 5am [yikes]. Any advice would be great such as, what's a good warm up routine? What basic gear do I need to get started? and what apps do you recommend for tracking stats?

Looking forward to hearing from everyone :)


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    Welcome, a few will recommend C25K as a way to get started.  It may seem like slow progress but it will help you with not getting injured.

    Equipment wise - good quality comfy trainers are a must.  Don't spend too much yet.  Once you are running a bit more, go get a gait analysis done and pick trainers suitable for you.  Clothes, there's nothing worse than being out in the wrong clothes, especially in winter.  Cotton t-shirts are a no no as the sweat soaks in, no need to spend much money, Sports Direct or equivalent are plenty good enough.  Long sleeves, thin running gloves will all make it more comfortable.  That being said, you don't actually need any of this stuff at the beginning.

    There's loads of free apps to track stuff, try Strava to start with, lots on here use it.  If you don't get on with it, try another.  Again, you don't need an app, but they're free and if they motivate you then why not.

  • That's great, thanks for the advice :)

    I got some cheap running clothes and running shoes from sports direct but just wanted to check in case I was missing something important.

    I think you're right about not needing an app too. It's probably more important for me to focus on building up my fitness and ability before I start worrying about times and stats.
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    Welcome. And just to reiterate JGav's point, C25K is an ideal way to start out to begin with.

    No real point spending too much at this stage until you've been completely bitten by the running bug  ;) But once you have the gait analysis is very good advice. I'd say a decent watch is a good idea too, especially if you're interested in tracking your improvement.

    Warm ups should be dynamic. Stretching with cold muscles isn't advised, basically just try and get the muscles moving and the heart rate up. Start with arm turns to get the shoulders and chest loose, running on the spot slowly, building up to high knee lifts and then do 5 second static sprints. That should get you nicely warm and the heart pumping.

    And if you're very keen Parkrun is an excellent event to get involved in. 
  • Thank you

    Thanks for the warm up advice too. I gave it a try and it definitely made a positive difference to my performance.

    I'll check out Parkrun too, it looks really good but I think I need to get my fitness levels up before I give it a try :)
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    It's a great thing to have started SilkieWhisperer, people have already given you great advice, I would just add don't expect too much too soon and don't try running too fast and burn out, it will get disheartening and want to give up. Just get out and take in the scenery, improvement happens gradually then you hit a point where you can just do it without thinking. When I started running around 2005/2006 I couldn't run 100 yards without wanting to spew, thought running was something other people did. Now I have a few marathons under my belt, something I never perceived possible. I lost loads of weight through running in the first 12 months, I think because it was a shock to the system and it has maintained since because of running. It's life changing.
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    I can quite understand you wanting to get your fitness levels up, but don't worry too much about it. At Parkrun you will get all shapes, sizes and ages taking part and whatever your fitness level you'll find everyone very friendly and encouraging. 
  • I started out doing parkrun with my uncle and brother and slowly built up my speed that way :)
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    It is an excellent way to measure your improvements, Kell. I think it's done wonders for introducing running to people who may not have thought they'd be able to do it.
  • Hi not wanting to hijack but can anyone point me to how to post a topic please? I can't see a button. I'm probably about to feel sheepish....
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    Fellow newbie too. Welcome :)
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    Mgalex said:
    Hi not wanting to hijack but can anyone point me to how to post a topic please? I can't see a button. I'm probably about to feel sheepish....
    Hi Alex - welcome. I believe you have reply to existing threads 10 times before you're able to start a new post.
    hi, I'm new here too, hoping i can learn a bit.
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    Hi from another newbie!
  • Me too, also new 😀
  • wave from another noob ;)
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    Welcome carrotcruncher153.
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    Hi, another noob here too. 
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    Signing up for races definitely helped me when I started out! Good luck with everything.
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