Groin Ache/Tightness

Hi all. 

Wondered if anyone had any similar experiences of this.

 I suffered a groin strain back in early October (only a minor one). After a few days I was able to run a few miles at a time and i'd get an ache in my groin area that got progressively worse the further I ran. I hobbled round the marathon I had booked in late October and then rested.

Everything seemed fine and I resumed running. Slowly building my mileage in December  and I'm now around the 60mpw mark and i've started getting niggles in the same groin. It started a few weeks ago where at the start of a run i'd feel the most minor of aches... and it would disappear so I wasn't overly worried. Now it's at the point where it comes on and seems to progress from an ache to a bit of a pain. As soon as it was getting uncomfortable I stopped and yesterdays 20 miler turned into 6. 

The part that puzzles me is that it doesn't feel like a strain. I can do the "over the gate" exercise absolutely pain free. Yesterday after my run I stretched groin area  with various stretches and it felt restricted  (but not painful) on the affected side. I noticed improvement with each stretch though and this morning my "bad" side is not too dissimilar from the other leg. I can stand on one leg and put the other on the window sill.. (so my legs are at 90 degrees).

What i'm wondering is... Does anyone have any experience of this? Do you think i'ts a groin strain? If only even a minor one.... And can hip flexor tightness or tightness in that area lead to pain? Half of me wants to continue to stretch and try to run. The other half of me is thinking I should give it a couple of days.

I do have a physio appointment booked for Sunday, but obviously i'm way too impatient and want answers now.. LOL




    Groin injuries can be tricky to diagnose so you'll just have to be patient I'm afraid.   Yes, tight hip flexors can lead to pain so hopefully you'll just get some rehab exercises to keep you running.
  • I began to suffer from a groin strain a couple of years back but continued to train through the niggles. I even had Physio. Ok, long story short, An x-ray picked up Osteoarthritis in my right hip. My NHS consultant suggested that this could be the cause of my groin pain and gave me a hip steroid Injection. No more groin pain.
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