Should I be in a Support or Cushion shoe?

Hi all,

First time post here although I’ve been running for the last 10 years, albeit frequently for the last 5.

I like many have done the wet footprint test, a long time ago, and again recently to check my foot type. My print resembles the normal arch type.

ive been running in support shoes, specifically the sauciny guides. I’ve always found these a firm ride but have always got me through several half marathons.

However over the last two months I have started to get blisters on both idea why? I rotate between two pairs of guides and neither pair are worn out.

Would this mean my gait may have changed? Try blisters run along where the guides arch support area is.

would I need to change to a more cushioned shoe?

For normal arches should I just be using either support or cushion? Or any in between?
Mosr Recent Event: Swansea Half Marathon June 24th 2018
Current Shoe: Saucony Guide 9 & 10


    I race in Guides and love them, I have a fairly high arch and am a mild overpronator when running longer distances hence needing a mild support shoe.   But for my training I also have several neutral shoes and these I use for shorter distances, say up to 12 miles.

    A wet foot test isn't really accurate enough as it's how your foot moves when you run that is important.   

    Have you tried different socks or have you started using different running socks?

    Go to a running shop and try on a few pairs of shoes and find a pair that feel really comfortable, that's a good way to choose shoes.  You could have a gait test too.
  • Thanks for the reply. No change of socks. 

    I think a gait gait test could be a good idea in case something has changed. Just feels that the support part of the guides are causing discomfort, especially over a longer distance.
    Mosr Recent Event: Swansea Half Marathon June 24th 2018
    Current Shoe: Saucony Guide 9 & 10
  • Don't know if people are still tracking this thread but I have a similar issue.

    I'm a fairly experienced runner, and bought a new pair of trainers - very light, comfortable, most expensive I've ever bought. Alas, I developed blisters on both foot arches. I thought this may be just new shoes getting worn in...but it's been some time now and it still happens.

    I've tried taping the feet, new insoles, blister plasters, oil, 2 pairs of socks, combinations of the above. Still happens. Do I just need to accept these trainers are not for me? Anyone know specifically why this happens on the arch?

    In years of relatively serious running I've never really had blisters, so it's quite frustrating and limits how much runnnig I do now.
    Robert - it does sound like they are not for you, the arch is maybe too high for you.  It's odd that changing the insoles has made no difference.

    However, one last option you could try.   Blisters are caused by friction so there is movement of your foot so try elastic laces to hold the shoe more snugly to the foot.
  • I am new on the forum, and I can't seem to post. I need some help. I am about 68kg, run about 160km a month. I am running on an old Nike Lunarlon 5. I find if i run on shoes like Nike Air Max, and the newer Nike Zoom Fly 3, my knees hurt. these new shoes are cushioned then my old shoes. Is it possible that softer shoes can sometimes hurt the knee?
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