5 marathons in 5 weeks !!!!HELP!!!!

Hi guys
Just looking for as much advice and information on recovery, nutrition and training for running 5 marathons on 5 consecutive Sundays.
Not 100% sure on goal finish time yet for the 5 but will probably be aiming for sub 3:00 for each, is this to ambitious given recovery time and chance of injury etc.? Planning to do this in August 2019.


    Impossible to say if sub 3 is too ambitious as your finishing times, what time do you normally run a marathon in?   How quickly do you recover from a marathon?

    Recovery, prompt eating and hydration, recovery run on Monday morning and back into gentle training for the rest of the week, but take a couple of extra rest days if required.   Lots of runners run marathons on consecutive weeks quite happily.  You don't say how much travelling you have to do for your 5 races, the travelling can make you more tired, if you are driving long distances or flying off to various countries, so factor that in and get plenty of rest.
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