Aches and pains of various kinds - am I just getting old?

Long story short - got rid of knee issues by doing physio over the last 3-4years. I can now run without knee pain, but do get stiff knees if I have to sit still for too long.

Now the issue is that I seems to have pulled / strained something down the back of my left leg [starting at glutes and extending down to back of knee]. I have been stretching, rolling, doing yoga. I have recently run a good-for-age 10K, with this strain. I am able to zone it out whilst running so it's uncomfortable but not painful enough to stop me from running. Walking is more uncomfortable. Did a 7.5km interval session yesterday and seem to  have pulled something in my right leg now too. This is despite stretching before and after and not pushing myself at all. When I say 'intervals' it's never at full out sprint by any stretch of the imagination!

Am I just getting old [at 55? I don't think so!] and need to take it easy [I only run 3-4 x week and usually around 5K, so I can't really cut down much more, or I'll be doing nothing at all!] and should I just accept the odd twinge here and there. I would love to be able to finish a run feeling loose and fluid like I used to!


    ftm42 - sounds like hamstring problems.  I believe that extra stretching when you have a hamstring niggle/injury isn't necessarily helpful. Hamstring problems can come from your hips or back so maybe a physio appointment to find out the cause of your sore hamstrings.

    You don't say what else you do, any strength and condition work, and/or regular Pilates/Yoga.  If none, then maybe you need to think about some extra work to keep your legs strong?  Maybe now that you've dropped your mileage so much that running alone isn't enough to keep you as injury proof as possible
  • I used to regularly get problems. shin splints, achilles, quad strains, calfs, IT bands, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, you name it I've had them all. Last year I ran every single week, probably on average 4 times a week averaging about 20 miles a week and for the first time a whole year (and 3 months) without injury. I will be 55 in June. Hey were all different, just my experience but for me its stopping running and starting again that seems to be my problem with injuries. All the best.
  • ftm42ftm42 ✭✭✭
    Shades - I'm doing yoga; physio exercises from a sports consultant; gym work occasionally; stretching / not stretching [!].

    For quads right now, I'm doing a yoga 'bridge pose' which doesn't stretch the hamstrings, but strengthens them.

    I have just started trying daily 'planks' - RW article suggested holding these 3x a day for up to 60seconds at a time is great for core! I'm feeling the benefits already!

    ftm42 - maybe you need a diagnosis to see what you've actually done to cause you discomfort, may well be coming from your hips and/or back.

    Incidentally, what's a GFA 10k?  I've only ever heard of GFA times for marathons.
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    As far as I know there isn't that much evidence to support stretching for injury prevention. I think there is a lot more on strengthening of hamstrings using both single and double leg exercises - think footballers who typically have a high incidence of hamstring injuries. As hard as it is I would drop mileage and activity right down until the pain settles a little bit, then start some strength exercises as below.

    a good bit of info from a well respected physio.
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