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I have used Berry flavour caffeine free Zero tablets for a few years with no issues. I recently got a cheap bundle from Wiggle ,as the Zero tabs were included with bottle/bars/gels . i hadn't checked the tablet flavour. Mojito arrived. Ingredients appear identical . However , used a couple on a long run last week and developed severe stomach cramp. Glad it was a reccy not a race. Anyone else found a difference? not sure if its the amount of sorbitol in them?  I usually use 1/2 tab per 300ml bottle. Filled both bottles twice as out 5 hrs.  Reluctant to use again , plus they dont taste as nice. Guess it explains the cheap bundle....


    Melbow - the amount of sorbitol must be tiny in those tabs.   Maybe have another go trying them out.    I can't use conventional sports drinks they irritate my stomach but I've used a variety of the Zero tabs for long training runs and never had a problem.
    I use half a tab for a 500ml bottle as I like a weaker solution.  I think the advised quantity is one tab for 750ml, so you are making a stronger drink than that, so maybe try it a bit weaker?

    I doubt the price you paid is of any relevance. All of mine were free in race goodie bags :)
  • MelbowMelbow ✭✭✭
    Thanks I will certainly use the Berry one again, just avoid Mojito flavour. It wasnt pleasant like the others. I do like them too on a longer race .
    I've only used the Zero tabs for training, I never carry a drink in a race.  For racing I use salt tablets or Elete concentrate which is tasteless,  I just add a few drops to the water provided.
  • JGavJGav ✭✭✭
    I quite like the mojito flavour.  Must just be me.
    JGav - maybe you should swap with Melbow and you can have the Mojito. ;)
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