Please help recommend a well cushioned distance trainer

Just after recommendations for a trainer that might be suitable for long distances that are well cushioned. I've had gait analysis and am a neutral runner, with normal high arches that doesn't pronate. Any suggestions, thanks.


  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    When you had your gait analysis did they not suggest anything? I use Asics 1000 which are a neutral shoe. The RW magazine does reviews every year or so with the 'best' shoes recommended. I would head to my nearest independent running shop and ask them. 
  • They did. I got some saucony jazz, which are great, but more of a introductory level shoe from what I gather. Not really for lengthy runs.
    TT - I have a pair of Asics 1000 too, but they are not a neutral shoe but a stability shoe.  I'm a mild overpronator at longer distances so they suit me well.

    Linton - if you like your Saucony shoes then they do cushioned shoes for neutral runners, the Triumph and Ride models are two of them. 
  • i never knew it was so complicated to buy trainers
  • where is best place to buy?
    i assume aren't any good then?
  • I just 'abuse' people with 'friendly' return policies when I'm buying new shoes. Do a bit of research into ones that seem to fit the bill, order them and try them out. With Nike you get 30 day no quibble trial, and Brooks 90 days... then if I like a pair - or some of the pairs (depending on what I order) I can generally find someone selling the same shoes cheaper, and send back the trial shoes and get a refund. I do buy the odd pair from the manufacturers at full retail and they still keep letting me do it anyway :)
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Nike Epic React. Very light, very comfy. Great for marathon training.
  • nike pegasus or nike vomero work well for me and last a long time (currently on about 450 miles) I have had Adidas Ultraboost, but didnt last long - 300 miles and they were shot. You have to find a shoe that works for you, that means trying them on in a shop rather than buying online.
  • I use Hoka's I am on my second pair, and I find the cushioning in the two that I have tried to be excellent. I have used the Clifton and now I am on the Cavu. I train at 10km per day but they are great at longer distances, I have done up to Marathon distance on the clifton's
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