Please help recommend a well cushioned distance trainer

Just after recommendations for a trainer that might be suitable for long distances that are well cushioned. I've had gait analysis and am a neutral runner, with normal high arches that doesn't pronate. Any suggestions, thanks.


  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    When you had your gait analysis did they not suggest anything? I use Asics 1000 which are a neutral shoe. The RW magazine does reviews every year or so with the 'best' shoes recommended. I would head to my nearest independent running shop and ask them. 
  • They did. I got some saucony jazz, which are great, but more of a introductory level shoe from what I gather. Not really for lengthy runs.
    TT - I have a pair of Asics 1000 too, but they are not a neutral shoe but a stability shoe.  I'm a mild overpronator at longer distances so they suit me well.

    Linton - if you like your Saucony shoes then they do cushioned shoes for neutral runners, the Triumph and Ride models are two of them. 
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