Do I need a LSR?

Training for a 50 mile run in June. No time goal and expect to run / walk I.e. Run 5 minutes, walk 1.

My training is good in terms of weekly mileage (building towards 50+ miles a week) but I'm finding it hard to find time for long runs. My question is how much do long runs (over 2 hours) matter? If I'm running 4 half marathons a week is that ok or do I really need those 20 milers under my belt before the race?


    If you have done lots of marathons in your recent past then your need for long runs is not so important and you can get away with just training on high mileage, but a good bit higher than 50mpw.

    If you haven't been doing lots of marathons then you definitely need the long runs.  I don't know what pace you expect to do but you could be out there for 10 hours or so, only training to run 2 hours at a time will make for a difficult race for you as you just won't have that time on your feet.

    I would advise doing a couple of marathons as part of your training, that will help
  • Jon  RJon R ✭✭
    That's helpful. Thanks. I'll schedule in at least one marathon distance
    Jon - at least one marathon plus those long runs.   If you're still short of time then do your 4 x half marathon distance training runs on consecutive days, that will help.
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