Left Knee Turning In - Weak Glutes / Abductors

Would appreciate some advice if i may,

To cut a long story short, training for London marathon, had recent left thigh pain, notice on single leg squat, right knee stays straight, left knee turn in. 

Have started glute / abductor strengthening exercises, and whilst knee is still turning in, there is no longer any pain. 

Ran a slow 10k and no pain, shorts just ride up the left side. 

My question is - Is it ok to carry on running whilst i am doing these exercises? Although i've only been doing them 3 days (3 times a day, 30mins each time) i've seen an improvement. 
Or is best to just do walking for a week, and see how i got from there?

Marathon is 4 weeks away, would a knee brace help, or not necessary? 

Thank you 


  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    If running isn't hurting, then I'd say run with it and see how you go.
    Run as long as you're pain free but no more long runs, your marathon training is done now.   Rehab exercises are not a quick fix so carry on doing them.

    No, don't wear a knee support.  If your physio didn't tell you to wear one then avoid them.   They can actually end up making things a lot worse.
  • portlandersportlanders ✭✭✭
    Thanks guys, much appreciated. This marathon training has been a right emotional roller coaster, be so gad when race day comes and i'm on the start line. Learning a lot about body mechanics though that's for sure. 
    Portlanders - the marathon taper can be tough too, more mentally than physically, you might start feeling a bit stir crazy...all completely normal.
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