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  • Lowrez - really pleased the physio seems to be getting to the route of the problem. Bet you were just too scared to tell her your schedule :):)

    MacH - I know you were trying to transfer your Hilton room to someone. Hope you didn't succeed now you're doing Comrades!!
  • Good luck to everyone running this weekend, and to those recovering from injury!
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
    SS I have previous form in this space and some minor (mental) scars of Physio wrath (not running related) when I did not follow instructions. So it was indeed fear that prevented me divulging my diary :D You have to bear in mind these are very professional people and if you blow what they are trying to achieve out of the water they are going to have an opinion on it... so depending how long this treatment goes on for she may never be made aware :o A slightly worrying aspect came out in discussions; I was referring to symptoms coming out in my recent runs very early on that ultimately caused me to drop out of Comrades this year; they don't persist and ebb away, which is very positive indeed... she "hopes" those will recede and totally disappear as the treatment progresses, not begin to escalate into run stopping situations, but, if they don't evaporate entirely it means her expertise is not the total answer...
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
    Got another plus at work - they are getting me a standy-uppy desk - I work in IT and sit for the majority of the day, hoping that having the option to stand when I want - which I will try and do all the time from whenever it arrives - will be a very positive thing too.
  • Lowrez - there'll be no home to come back to!!!   Are you signed up for next year too, has your PT worked some magic?

    Good luck SS and Peter R - always enjoy the Thames Meander,  get there early,  there's always some Comrades runners to chat with before the race if you're not in full competitor mode

  • Hi Everyone,
    I'm in, flights booked, mojo restored - and now assuming sponge status to take in all the info and advice folk have got to offer.
    Plan so far - sub 4 marathon training with longer, hillier long runs until Barcelona in March, then ultra training after that, more double days, less speed training, more hill reps ... oh, and single-legged squats during every toothbrush!!

  • Comrades 2020 Qualification
    25Aug Qualification Opens
     Italy (IM) Peter R-Q3:51PenC
     Hull (M) marty74-Q3:32PenC; (F) Britrisky Q4:43 Pen G
     Berlin (M) jkissane-Q3:22PenB
     Chester (M) Slow Duck-Q4:13PenF
     Isle of Wight (M) Debra Bourne-Q4:13PenF
     Loch Ness (M) Running Rodent-Q4:14PenF
     Munich (M) Mac3-Q4:32PenG
     Poznań (M) Becca7-Q3:52PenD
     Abingdon (M) baldstan-Q3:28PenC, Millsy-Q2:55PenB
     Yorkshire (M) johnny1984-Q4:05PenF
     Thames Meander (M) Southern Snail, Peter R
     New York (M) Becca7, Mac3
     Soweto (M) Bike It
     Wendover Woods 50 (U) Debra Bourne
     Nottingham Christmas (M) Debra Bourne
     Valencia (M) Getafix
     Usual Suspects (U) Debra Bourne
     Kathmandu (M) Dubai runner
     Muscat (M) Dubai runner
     Dubai (M) Dubai runner
     Novolazarevskaya (M) 1owrez
     Cape Town (M) 1owrez
     Perth (M) 1owrez
     Dubai (M) 1owrez
     Madrid (M) 1owrez
     Santiago (M) 1owrez
     Miami (M) 1owrez
     Destin 100 (U) Dannirr, 1owrez
     Tokyo (M) Mc Hilly
     Malta (M) baldstan
     Sussex Coastal (U) Getafix
     Cyprus (M) Becca7
     Barcelona (M) 1owrez (B) Britrisky
     Paris (M) LoveLifeRun, Dannirr
     Rotterdam (M) PeterDHM
     Two Oceans (M) thomasclowes
    02May Qualification and
     Race4Charity (PenCC) Closes

     baldstan, Terry48, Debra Bourne, Becca7, pottermiss
    Hilton 1owrez, Mc Hilly, Dannirr, Britrisky (probably)
    ONOMO Slow Duck, justanothrrnr, marty74, Getafix, johnny1984, Southern Snail
    Protea Dubai runner, LoveLifeRun, Britrisky (possibly)
  • Jar - thanks although I suspect I'll have to hide somewhere till the start. It's going to be fowl weather. 40+ mph winds and 90% chance of rain. Deep joy!!

    Britrisky - Welcome. Sounds like a great plan. Lots of knowledgeable people on here can give you any advice you need during the next 7/8 months. Your name rings a bell. Have you done ironman before? I think I recall Outlaw and a son/daughter with a broken leg?
  • Crikey - I'm impressed at your memory! Yes, he's 21 and twice half-iron triathlete himself now!!
  • Wow so that was the half back in 2013 then. Actually my memory is crap, just strange things I remember!!
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
    Welcome Britrisky, so you must know seren nos? What happened to your mojo for it to need restoring? I'm trying to interpret your notation (F)? (B)? but I can't pick up the lingo :) what are you indicating with those? Sounds like you are in pretty good shape! What plans have you got for Barcelona? I will arrive Friday, leave Sunday, up for a beer and some pasta if you fancy it, although won't be offended if not :) I just picked a few leaves up in the garden; damn do I need to start squatting! Was planning on running 15 miles tomorrow, might need to take a zimmer frame with me I am so sore!

    JAR - gardening injuries aside, I am in pretty good fettle, physio is going well, and I have entered Comrades, although, I have not got back to the dizzy heights of 30 miles plus to test whether the treatment is actually a cure. Take a look at the event list - I have great expectations the treatment I am receiving will propel me forwards... if not I am going to have to take a wheelbarrow to Antarctica and ask some Russian researchers to push me around the course! Got everything crossed for your boundless recovery, stick to it, these physios seems to know their stuff!
  • So Thames Meander marathon yesterday. 4h44 so qualified for Comrades 2020 and New York marathon 2020  :)

    But.. my day did not go as I would have liked. I was actually aiming for about 4h20. I hit half way in 2h10 but that 13th mile suddenly was a bit of a struggle. I found myself walking in mile 14 and it just got worse. One of the miles I stopped and walked 3 times and soon I was working out whether I would need to do another marathon just to qualify. I managed to get my act together from 22 on but it was slow and painful. My legs just felt dead and crampy everywhere. The weather conditions were not good. Foul rain at times and some 40mph winds but I don't want to make excuses  :/

    Anyway, job done. Go Becca and Mac
  • SS well done on the qualifier. I didn’t run, but seem to be on the mend and did a 10km pain free on Friday and saw my acupuncture man yesterday.  I am at the airport now for 3 weeks of business travel so will try and fit in some slow 10km runs just to build confidence and strength again. Friend of mine came second yesterday ... in 2.46 and that’s him also qualified for comrades. 

    Lowrez: great re the desk and recovery progress ... I am loving and jealous of that schedule. 
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
    SS - superb tenacity in those conditions, well done :) So, you have your 2021 Comrades qualification event soted too now! Come on the New Yorkers and Sowetans!
    Glad you are easing back a bit Peter, hope the recovery goes well.
  • Peter - glad you're on the mend. Wow well done to your friend. Super speedy running there.

    Lowrez - next years New York will definitely be a saunter, but who knows :)

    Met a few Comrades people yesterday but I'm sure I was the only one wearing anything Comrades.
  • Peter - wise choice, glad you are on the mend.

    SS - well done on qualifying and toughing it out in those conditions.

    Enjoy New York becca and mac :)
  • Well done on the qualifier SS! Tick in the box, it must feel good.

    For those running New York today ... hope it goes well!

    I've not run at all this weekend which is frustrating but a nagging cold i thought I'd rather rest to get over it quickly, hopefully back tomorrow.

    Does anyone have any Ultras in the UK lined up next year as training runs for the Comrades?
  • LoveLifeRun I'm skipping running Paris Marathon this year (my favourite marathon, but then I haven't run as many as some on this forum - or even as many as lowrez is planning to do in a week) to run the South Downs Way 50 on 4th April. Hopefully 10 weeks out from Comrades isn't too close to run an Ultra?
  • I'm looking for an ultra in April, possibly Dead sea ultra in Jordan or 2 oceans in cape Town 
  • Snail: well done on getting your qualification. Sympathies for the problems on the day. Plenty of time to run another event to improve on pen position.
    baldstan, 11 weeks before Comrades should be fine for SDW50. I'm running NDW 50, which is on 16th May.
  • Southern SnailSouthern Snail ✭✭✭
    edited November 2019
    Thanks Debra although I'm not too bothered about pen position.

    LLR - I'm running endurance life South Devon ultra on Feb 1st and Exmoor ultra on April 4th
  • Ughhhh! I have managed to pick up an ankle injury, I think I've just sprained it but I haven't run now for 5 days.

    At least I can walk on it now where I couldn't on Thursday last week, so it is improving but far too slowly for my liking. I am going to try and do a session on the X-trainer today in the gym and see how that goes. This was supposed to be my last big week in the lead up to Valencia.

    This sport can be so frustrating at times.
  • Getafix - Don't forget that less is more. Especially at this stage of the game.
  • Hi all! I've been a member on RW since 2009 but never posted anything on the site or on this forum (guess I spend more time running haha) Anyway, Terry advised me yesterday to 'check in' so to speak. I entered last Monday within seconds of Comrades opening, returning for Back2Back medal, accommodation booked at Elangeni only has was nothing left at Belaire when I booked back in July, so if anyone hears of any rooms coming free there let me know pls. Won't book flights until spring as got a good deal at that time this year and I have no fixed itinerary for the trip as yet apart from the 4 days at SS Elangeni. Hope all well, chat soon (hopefully). Mark
    Ps Hoping Roger will permit me to be in the Strava group again!? Thx
  • Hi Mark, similar for me, I’ve booked the elangeni for 4 nights as well, no set plans for after that either as flights not booked yet
  • Same boat as me then Peter, well at least if do end up staying there we can have a few beers!
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Well done on the qualifier SS, not ideal conditions but good to get it in the bag.
    baldstan, I think you will be fine with the SDW 50, plenty of time to recover. As it’s off road I find these much easier on the legs. It’s one of my favourite races. Looking forward having another go at it in 2021.
  • Yes, Lowrez, I've known Seren for a few years now - she's given me some tips, including coming on here!  I lost my mojo after my running club expelled me (not sure why, I wasn't invited to any meetings, or given anything more than a vague reason) - I've been at sea since then, and needing something to focus on and to pick me up.
    I'm not sure what notation I've used that you're unsure of?
    I've done loads of marathons, but quite slow, so need to speed up a bit, and get used to road running more.
    Barcelona will be food at pinxcho bars, probably - but yes, happy to meet up at some point, I expect!

    Been thinking of doing the Manchester to Liverpool 50 mile - its a bit flat for Comrades, but might be useful to get a very long run in ... although Coach Parry reckons 30 miles ish is enough? Also thinking of a back to back marathon, perhaps May Day weekend, when Milton Keynes is on the Monday. Having another crack at 10 in 10 afterwards, so back to back would be good training for that, too.
  • Running RodentRunning Rodent ✭✭✭
    edited November 2019
    Another one in the Elangeni here - I couldn’t get into the Belaire or the Hilton months ago when I tried to book.
    Dubai runner - I’d go for Two Oceans if you have the chance. Fabulous scenery and a great race - plus you can do all the touristy penguin/whale/wineland/Table Mountain stuff too if you have time.
    Britrisky - your running club expelled you?  :o . You must be very bad. Welcome to the Forum :)
  • Thanks, RR - yes, whilst its been a very shitty year, socially, some people have thought its a bit of a badge of honour, so I'll take that  :D
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