Shoe Recommendations for Overpronation

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Hi there lovely people!

I went to a specialist running shop around a year ago, they measured my gait and the usual and recommended some shoes. I think I may now need to replace them (Haven't been doing lots of miles but recently upped the mileage fairly significantly) I've been feeling pain in the insides on my ankles and one knee after around 6 miles so I know my shoes definitely aren't supporting me properly anymore. I will visit the running shop again next week but wondered if anyone has any good recommendations so I can go armed with a few suggestions. Thank you! Oh I should add that I'm training for a half marathon in October and possibly VLM in April so the longer runs are starting in earnest!


    What shoes have you been using?   That's often a good guide as to what others might suit you.   There are shoes for mild overpronators and for those that pronate more severely.

    But trying a few on and feeling comfortable is often the best way to choose a new pair of shoes.   As you're thinking about a marathon ask for shoes that are high mileage.
  • Thanks for the response. I'm wearing Nike Air zoom structure 22 at the moment I've not loved them in all honesty.. But you are right I think I need to go and try an few pairs on
  • In a marathon, you’re not running against time or the other athletes, but distance. Mile after mile, your body is churning out energy to your muscles, as your mind attempts to hold your composure together so you can avoid hitting a mental wall. By the last few miles, your body is depleted of energy and you’re running on guts and the thirst for closure. Whether it’s a half or full marathon, you already have a lot to deal with, so getting the appropriate footwear will take some worry off your plate.

    Whether it’s your first marathon or you’re a veteran mile dominator, a reliable pair of running shoes should be at the very top of your gear list. Picking out the perfect type of shoes is crucial to your training and performance in the event. We’ve curated a list of the best shoes for marathon runners so you can focus more on your training. Aware of the commitment it takes to earn a medal for any run, we want you to have a footwear advantage in your next running event.
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