3 weeks between Mountain Marathon and Mountain Ultra - enough rest?


I'm relatively new to mountain marathons and haven't done an ultra yet. I've done endurance events in the last few years (such as an Ironman in 2016), Ring of Steall Race and Dark Mountain Marathon in 2017, with half marathon trail races a few times a year - so i'm clear on the commitment to training, but i'm not sure how long it takes to recover from the big events.

I'm considering doing the Mont Blanc Marathon on the 27th June next year, followed by the Eiger Ultra Trail (51km) on the 18th July. Both have about 3,000m of ascent. I'm just trying to work out whether I will have sufficient rest between them to enable me to turn up to the Ultra in July without any fatigue in my legs etc. Has anyone done something similar or can offer advice please?

Thanks in advance.


    rich - you shouldn't have any problem recovering sufficiently in between events.  You've got enough endurance running/event experience to know how to recover and refuel.

    Your ultra, although the course may be challenging is only 5 miles over marathon distance so you should be fine, a very good distance for your first ultra.

    Just be meticulous as soon as you finish Mont Blanc, refuelling, rehydration, rest/sleep.   Gentle recovery run the next morning if you can, then short easy runs and your legs should recover well.
  • I did the Mont Blanc Marathon and three or four weeks later the Grossglockner Ultra Trail (50 km) in 2017. In 2018 I did the Zugspitz Ultra Trail (39 km) and the Eiger E51 with four weeks between them. I didn´t experience any problems in the second race  in either 2017 or 2018 so go for it (if you´re lucky in the ballots that is). But make sure to take it easy between the races.
  • rich, everyone is different, but three weeks should be fine. I ran NDW50 two weeks after Devil's Challenge and Wendover Woods night 50K as my final long training run two weeks before the Lakeland 50  this year and was happy with my performance in all of those. Do take it easy in the week after the first event.
  • All,

    Many thanks for the encouragement, signed up for both ballots so keeping my fingers crossed. Best of luck for your 2020 endeavours.
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