Running with broken toes

Week 6 of marathon training, running very well, no injuries... I should have known it was too good to be true!

I broke my toe yesterday after dropping a heavy box on my right foot. Luckily not the big toe, but a fracture in the end of my third toe. It has been realigned and I currently have it taped, it isn't excessively painful when barefoot and doesn't seem to affect my gait. I wondered if anyone else has been through a similar thing, and if so if they had any words of wisdom about running with said injury.

Right now I am very reluctant to take any time off, though I have been advised to wait a minimum of 10 days before even trying.


    I think it will depend if it hurts to run.  If it does then you'll just have to wait until it's pain free.  

    Maybe a bit of cross training, whatever you can do that doesn't hurt, maybe static bike.
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