Shin splints returned after buying new shoes

OK so a little context here, I've been running since February of this year, having always been a treadmill runner some friends convinced me to sign up for a 5K and I started running outside and caught the bug in a major way. When I first started I suffered from shin splints, which I now realise was probably from trying to do too much at once and too fast. They went away after a while, when I learned to dial down the intensity for day to day running and save the hard efforts for race days.

Recently I decided it was time for new running shoes as I'd been using the same pair since I started in February and Black Friday seemed like the ideal time. My old pair were really comfortable and I never had any issues (Asics Dynaflyte 3) so I was planning on getting the same pair again but I couldn't see any deals on them. A friend recommended Adidas Ultraboost and the Adidas website had a black friday sale so I ordered a pair in size 10 (same as my Asics) I picked them up Saturday, tried them on in the store and they felt good.

Sunday I decided to take the new pair out for a spin on my weekly long run, my feet felt a bit weird for the first couple of miles but I figured that was just due to me being used to the old pair and after a while I got used to it and by the end of 10 miles they felt fine. But when I went out for a training run on Tuesday with a friend in my old pair my right shin was really painful, I struggled through as I didn't want to let my friend down but by the end I was in agony, we only did 4 miles at a normal pace so I was worried. I rested wed & thurs and today I tried going out a very gentle pace in the new pair but the same thing again, I had to stop after less than 3 miles as I was in agony.

I don't know what to do at this point, I haven't stepped up my training or intensity and my shins had been fine for months before, since September I've been comfortably averaging about 25 miles per week and competed in a couple of 10k's. The only thing I can put it down to is these new shoes but having used them twice I don't think I'd be able to return them so I'm worried I've wasted £90.

Should I take a break and then try the new pair again? Try and return them? See if I can sell them as used somewhere? I'm at a bit of a loss and frustrated. I'm supposed to be competing in a 10k on Wednesday evening but I'm worried I'm not going to be able to now.

Sorry for the rambling post, I needed to vent. Any advice would be appreciated.


    Shin splints are often caused by over striding and your new cushioned shoes may have encouraged you to stride out without even realising it.   

    When you feel you're ready to run again start with short distances and try taking shorter strides and running as lightly as possible.
  • Hi. I would request a refund anyway and explain that they hurt when you run. It's definitely possible to get a refund in these circumstances. Good luck. 
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