New runner, any advice :D

Hi all,

My names Matt, I thought I would do something useful with my time during this pandemic so I decided to start running. I suppose I'm not really new to exercise as such as I have played rugby for about 12 years but then again I am a front row forward so take from that what you like :D. So far I have completed 3 5K's using the Nike Run Club app on my phone and my time is 39:16, I'm 23 and 16 stone never done any sort of running other then waddling about the rugby pitch so I was just wandering if i'm seriously unfit or if that's not to bad? Any advice and comments would be greatly appreciated! Thank you :)


  • Take it slow, don't try to measure up to anyone, get decent running shoes and if you have to keep mask on outside, then reduce your expectations further since you need to build up that endurance and without significant airflow you will get tired fast. When you get tired, walk for a couple minutes or until you feel ready to run again, plan your route in advance.
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    I agree with everything 5YearHere has said, Matt. Whatever times you're doing at the moment is great and it gives you your benchmark to improve. 
  • Hi Matt, I'm in the same position! Decided now is the time to get running, I'm used to running around a LAX pitch but not quite the same. How are you finding it?
  • Fellow rugby waddler here, me and a few of my teammates have started c25k - currently on week 3 and doing roughly about 2miles. Personally, I do much better with it than just diving straight in and seeing how far I can run. While cardio wise it's fine my knees ankles and feet really suffer without that build up (too many knee injuries!). When I was running last year I was able to do 5k in maybe around 32minutes... ish. But that was at park runs which always go better than lone running, I think it's the drive to keep passing people! I'd definately recommend going to one when they start back up :)
  • id try not to do too much too soon. currently battling posterior tibialis tendinitis
  • I guess this doesnt help your quest for advice, but my experience is from a different perspective. I have run on and off for may years but never with any disclipline of as a training tool, so I am relatively new to it. What I found out quite quickly (also known as the hard way) is that a good aerobic engine from other sports only gets you so far ! I come from a 20+ year cycling background so am the typical cyclist in that respect 65kgs with a big aerobic capacity, so you'd think that would make the transition easily. The reality was very different for me, having that good aerobic fitness which was made it way too easy to push far too hard for your entirely unprepared for running legs !
  • Download a tracker like strava to keep on top of your times and distance, it makes for a good self-motivator to try push that distance further every week or month.
  • Strava is a great platform!
  • All it takes is time, commitment to a running program, the right pair of running shoes and most important to start right and start slow and have patience. Install a RunTrackr App to keep you aware of your Runs - the pace, distance, time and keep track of your progress.
  • I'm also a pandemic runner. 46 years old, not unfit, but never ran for fun (football is (was) my game). First time out 5k was 29 minutes and I slowly improved to a personal best of 24.04 in December. Take it one day at a time and accept that improvement is a slow process... also, if you're like me you will find that some days / weeks you're on fire... other days / weeks you're 2 minutes slower, but there's no obvious reason... Ask Mr Google for some advice on stretching for runner and body-weight strength training
  • Definitely read up on correct form. I know it seems a bit obvious to just “run” but you can end up injuring yourself and also holding yourself back if you don’t adapt the correct form. There are lots of videos online for you to research. Best of luck!
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    Been running now for 2 years and all I can say is - build up slowly, be patient with yourself and listen to your body!
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