Feet hurting when running


I've started running again, but I'm getting put off by the pain I get in my feet. I'm after any help/advice I can get. Especially on shoes.

I've always suffered with it, and is probably why I've given up on running so many times. The pain is different depending on shoe, I do have problems with my arches and my right foot naturally turns outwards (I've been told I have tight soleus). I have a physical therapist (I am a rugby player and need all the help I can get!) and I have been to a NHS podiatrist which frankly was no help at all. I roll in when I walk, but have repeatedly been told I run neutral. I'm currently on week 4 of C25K, I generally get to a mile before things start hurting. I have been known to ditch my shoes and walk the 5 minutes cool down bare foot. I do some yoga, general stretching, powerlifting and foam roller as well.

Shoes I have tried:

SAUCONY GUIDE ISO 2 : I get pain in my arches which feel like they are on fire. Starts in right, but left ends up worse (perhaps through overcompensation). The pain ends up radiating up the inside of my ankle.

Triumph ISO 2 : same as above. I can't work out if one is worse than the other.

Nike Free Run : I can go longer in these without pain. Again, my arches feel like they are on fire, but I have calf pain with them rather than the ankle pain. If I stop to stretch I get a burning sensation in my feet and calves.
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