High HR no matter the pace

Hi All,

I have a friend, no genuinely I do have a friend lol that has a high HR.

Some back ground.

I would say I am a mediocre runner. I have my old Garmin 620 and run to the plans, from 5k to a half marathon and always try to stick to the HR ranges. Recently a friend purchased a Garmin Venu and together we decided to do a 5k plan. I have just finished a half marathon plan although didn't run the half marathon as it was cancelled. Have done the distance before and wasn't really interested in running the half distance just to say I had done it. Plus that was early on with the Covid-19 situation...

So my friend said she couldn't get the HR down. I thought she was just doing something wrong as she is pretty fit. Any way we went for a run together, social distance and all that, I was in low HR zone 2, while she was in HR zone 4. We were really jogging slow, I think someone fast walking would have past us.

Now please understand I am not very good at running, I just run for health and fun and the odd charity event. My friend runs regular but has only just purchased a HR monitor.

Why wont her HR come down? its not just a one off, will the HR improve over time or does she have something wrong with her?




    She's probably using a wrist HRM, they are only useful when at rest.   For any decent training using heart rate you need to use a chest strap to get reliable and accurate data.

    Even Garmin have a disclaimer  https://www.garmin.com/en-US/legal/atdisclaimer/

    RW did a test a while ago and errors up to 39% with wrist sensors.
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    Without any numbers impossible to comment, high HR could be 175, who knows, HR monitors are only useful if used continuously and comparatively to see how you are changing/improving.

    And if you really want to use them as a training tool you need a chest band type and to know your max HR, and it's not 225-yr age unless you are very average!
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