Garmin 235 v lower specs

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I'm looking at getting a Garmin 235 or 245 - are lower spec Garmins liek 30, 35 or 45 comparable? Presumably they are not as good, but what do they cut corners on?
Historically have used Forerunner 305s etc, not looking to wear every day, just for running. Keen on it being fairly accurate, and like ability to have 3-4 fields on view and to be able to scroll to others, not that bothered about multisports.


    Simon - I started with a 305, then a few 310XT.   I went to buy a new Garmin last year at the Garmin stand at an expo, after lots of consideration I chose the 235 but then it turned out they were out of stock.   So I bought the 45 which was cheaper and I'm very happy with it.

    Has multiple screens that you can switch mid run and you can set up the screens with several fields, I only have a maximum of 3 fields per screen as without my reading glasses I wouldn't be able to read the screen while running.   

    I'm not actually aware of what the 235 might have given me that the 45 doesn't.  I train with a HRM chest strap and I find it really good for HR training.   It's really speedy at picking up GPS signal too. 
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    DCrainmaker website is where you need to do a bit of research.
  • I have a 45, does everything I need it to, would prefer a bigger screen, although that's mainly just for the aesthetics and not necessarily for practicality. The only think I think over and above what the 45 offers that I would find useful is an altimeter for looking at real time height gain, more so for fell/trail type running. But I don't know to what level you need to go to for that functionality
  • Sorry to hijack a thread but I am new to this & can't seem to post.

    I am looking at a very basic Garmin Forerunner 35.

    I will only use it for running and not everyday. I just want an accurate GPS, is there any benefit of the other models over this one, purely for GPS?
  • Hello All,

    Sorry I'm hijacking too! I'm looking for a cheap GPS running watch that will function without a phone and allow me to race myself (previous activities). I basically do one run, and want to see in real time if I'm behind or in front of myself from last week. Is Garmin 245 only option? thanks
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    There's a Race Screen app you can get download from Garmin Connect:
    Instead of putting in a target race time, you can insert last week's time and it will give you continual feedback on your predicted time. The above link will tell you the watches that are compatible with the app.
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