Muscle pain - back of hips/small of back

I started running again during lockdown. My general level of fitness is okay for my age. (I'm 60) - I was doing long walks and an energetic form of dance, but that stopped being feasible. At first I had a bit of knee pain, but I seemed to be able to get rid of doing that via going back to some exercises that were to do with strengthening leg muscles. Also losing a few pounds of weight.

I built up reasonably slowly from running for just 10 minutes to 30 minutes plus - a slow 5k

But now I'm getting some regular muscle pain behind my left and right hips.  Above my backside.  Any ideas how to subdue this. The usual - ice, ibuprofen - not pushing myself too hard? Or some form of exercise. (It's not an area in which I've had pain before and wondered if it's like the kind of very small tears you might get if you'd overdone things....


    You certainly wouldn't expect to get 'small tears' in that area from running. I assume you mean in the lower back.   Might be a posture problem, not necessarily caused my running.   Have you got some decent running shoes that are suitable for you, well cushioned and supportive if you over pronate?

    Might be worth looking at a few physio/sports injury websites to see if there's any guidance there.

    Sorry not much help.
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