Kinvara 11 and the Curious Tale of the Squeaky Shoes

Kinvara 8s were always perfect for me. The one shoe that did it all. From then on I found the Kinvara line became unacceptable until the 11s. Slightly heavier, softer, but the sole-shape was much of the same which always seems to be my issue with other brand's shoes. I was happy with the purchase until my second run.


With EVERY step. It seems to be the insole rubbing on the harder sole of the shoe. Does anyone have any tips or advice on how to solve? Cut? Glue? Powder?




    Anthony - that's interesting but must be so annoying.   Is it just one shoe or both of them?

    I would return them as faulty if you can.

    I once had a pair of shoes and one would make a annoying squeaking noise.   But one day in heavy rain I had to run through a flood and that shoe never squeaked again.  Might be worth a try.
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