Brighton Marathon 2021 - Sep 12th



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    Oh no. That is the worst timing for a flu bug. Are you feeling better now? Glad to hear you’ve got plenty of miles banked, they will definitely help as it’s the cumulative training which pays off in a marathon. Plus some training plans only go up to 16 miles for the long run so I’m sure you’ll be okay. I did the Big Half last weekend which thankfully offered a confidence boost and helped me decide which wave colour to go for. Do you know what wave you’ll pick?
  • Another good run for you Momo.. well done !!!!!... you must be brimming with confidence... which colour wave are you going to start in..

    I managed a slow 6 1/2 miler on Thursday, then did a 14 miler yesterday (sat) and went out again for a further three miles later in the day, so 17 miles for the day... I just wanted to get more miles under my belt before the taper...  I hope to finish in around 5 hours.. so I am going to go out with the green wave & take it easy, the trouble is that wave starts at 10am and I'm hoping it won't be boiling hot...
  • I’m deliberating between the blue and red waves. I’m aiming for about 3:30 so that would either be the back of red or front of blue. I’m thinking I’ll probably go for red so then I can walk to the start with my husband and also I think blue might be quite congested with people going for sub 4. And yes there’s the worry that starting later will mean it’s warmer. Thankfully the weather forecast is looking okay for now so fingers crossed it doesn’t changed, or if it does change it gets cooler! 17 miles for the day sounds good and well done getting to the taper. Just need to make it through the next 9 days without getting any taper sickness bugs and we’re good to go! 
  • Only a week to go... that's a great time to aim for...good luck on the red wave.. lets hope its not too hot.. fingers crossed for that cool weather. and that all three of us have a good run...and achieve our goals...

    I know that if I start very very slow I will feel sluggish and it will be a slog, that's what happened today on my easy run 11 i was thinking of just starting off just below my normal hopefully I will have quite a bit in reserve when I reach 17+ miles.

    I'm looking forward to the run...I know its going to be hard for me with the issues I've had over the past 4 months... but hopefully the accumulation of all the training I've been doing over the last year or so will ensure I get to the finish line.

  • Gosh I can’t believe we’ve only got a week to go! Exciting but scary. That sounds like a good plan, and it’s definitely good to get to 17 miles feeling strong as those last 9 miles would be tough otherwise. As the first mile is uphill I plan to take that one slightly easy and then hopefully get to planned marathon pace around mile 2. I’m sure all the cumulative training will come together for you on the day, and if it doesn’t quite go to plan there’s so much going on around the course in Brighton you can always slow down and just enjoy it (that’s what I did in 2017 when there was a random one day heatwave just for marathon day!)
  • I'm glad the weather outlook is cooler than for the early part of this week, else it would of been very very hot....

    I'm really looking forward to the run on Sunday, and I won't have too far to stagger back to my b & B after the finish, which is now all booked up.

    I'm glad you mentioned the first mile is uphill, as I haven't really had a look at the route yet... so I won't go off too fast. I don't really know what to expect for a covid marathon, but as long as I have people running around my pace, then I will be happy running with other people... it will be better than all the long training runs I did by myself.

    I'm now going to add a few more carbs & salt into the diet... so hopefully I will be raring to go on Sunday :)

    Enjoy the run on Sunday Momo, and hopefully everyone will get round safely and have masses of good stories to tell..
  • Wow… that was a hot one, and the distance was miss calculated by the organisers. I managed to do the marathon distance in 4 hrs 57 mins and 18 seconds, but the official time was just over 5 hours..
    To say I’m very pleased is a big understatement, not bad for a 61 year old….I went off slow, and stayed at that pace until 23 miles when I had to do a bit of walking and running. The last three miles were very difficult for me especially around the industrial estate.. it seemed like it went on for ever.
    The crowds were great and the amount of runners who were walking after half way were lots and lots…What a shame I saw lots of ambulances and people stretched out in the side of the road being attended to.
    Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the event which was well run…. Shame about the distance miss judgement.
    Momo… how did you and your husband do??? 
  • Congrats Dave! And well done for getting under 5 hours for the marathon distance - it’s such a shame they misjudged the course meaning you’re slightly over for the results. And it certainly was a warm one with lots of people struggling - I saw quite a few people collapsed or sick which can make it hard to push on. I finished in 3:38 so a bit slower than planned but still achieved good for age for London which was my main goal, and my watch said I ran the marathon distance in 3:35 so definitely lost a few minutes with the course being so long. My husband was aiming for 3:20 and finished in 3:23 so he’s happy with that considering the extra distance. Well done again and glad you enjoyed it - I really hope I’m still running at 61 - that’s such an achievement :)
  • Momo - Well done on 3:35 for the marathon distance, and well done for your husband with an even quicker time... to get those speeds for a marathon must of taken a lot of training and well done... how fast do you recover from a marathon... or doesn't it really affect you... I'm aching a bit on my legs.. but managed lots of walking today. Good luck for London in 3 weeks time.
  • Thank you :) and recovery wise I normally take a week off running and then ease back into it with easy miles. Although this year I’ve really struggled with recovery (worst I’ve ever felt after marathon - not sure if it was the heat or extra distance but definitely not felt great). I hope you’re recovering well :) and thank you - my GFA will be for London next year but I do have a virtual London place (which was in case Brighton got cancelled) and waiting to see if I feel up to doing it! 
    Momo - well done on your GFA time.    You do know though that Brighton failed to get a race permit and at the moment the RunBritain results still says race not eligible.   So don't know if London will accept your race time.   I believe Brighton are trying to sort it out.   You might want to try and get another GFA time if you can elsewhere just in case.
  • Hi Shades. Thank you and yes I know they sadly didn’t renew their UKA certification. I suspect they put it off as they thought the race might not go ahead again. I’m hopeful they’ll get it in place retrospectively, but if not and London don’t accept times from Brighton I’m okay with that. I’ve run London before and would like to do it again, but decided I wouldn’t try to get another GFA time via the virtual - I’ll just work to hopefully get another GFA next year for 2023. Fingers crossed it all works out somehow, but thanks for checking I knew :)
    Momo - I'm so glad you know about the lack of UKA licence, I just didn't want you to find out if London don't accept Brighton times.    They didn't put off getting a permit, they just forgot, massive schoolboy error as it probably means there was no public liability insurance.   

    Even if London aren't able to recognise the GFA race times I'm sure if you were using the time for an overseas GFA place you'd have no problems.

    Well done on your GFA time.
  • For me it was good to put my progress on here for accountability, and it was great for Momo to join me on the chat.. it helped me immensely.. so thanks Momo although it probably bored everyone else to death. Good luck with the virtual london Momo.

    I started off the year running 5 miles every other day up until April, with the longer runs over 10 miles starting to creep up in March. I found that when I was doing over 13 miles for a long run, I had to cut the 5 mile runs down to just two per week, as my body needed more time to recover from the longer runs. In the end I was running two 5 mile runs and a long run per week... this is all my body seemed to be able to cope with.

    I've now had time to ponder over the Brighton Marathon before the South Coast run in a couple weeks.
    I think I could of done a couple things better... 
    1) I should of made sure I did that 20 mile run, instead of the 17 miles, as by mile 23 on the day I had run out of steam, and needed to do a bit of walking/running. I did get to 18 miles on the day thinking only 6 more to go instead of 8 miles and sped up as i was feeling good, and then realised after 2 miles that I still had another 6 to go... silly mistake.
    2) During my training I  wished now that I had substituted some cycling for the weight training. In the end I realised that I was overdoing the weights, which was tiring me out, and not giving me enough time to recover, even though I was taking in a lot of protein per day.
    I think the above two would of helped me get to the end without walking, and would of got me there in 4 hrs 45 mins.

    The things that pleased me about the run were 
    I didn't go off too fast.
    My heart rate from my Garmin after the run showed that I had an easy run :).. the marathon for me is more about crossing off the miles steadily instead of going for it, and then blowing up.
    I ate and drank the right amount for me, but in the end the gels taken in the last hour and a half were tasting a bit sicky.
    The heat didn't seem to affect me too badly, or so I thought, as I wore a cap, which seemed to keep the sun off my face.
    I felt good at 1/2 way and 18 miles.
    The day after the run I spent walking around the lanes in Brighton and clocked up 9 1/2 miles, then drove 60 miles back home, and actually felt good for the rest of the week.
    I did take a week and a half off running, although did go down the gym before running.

  • It was good to chat with you to Dave and follow each other’s progress. Sounds like you made some good reflections from your training/race. I’m sure getting up to 20 miles would help future marathons. But don’t be too hard on yourself about walking a bit from mile 23 - I was too as were lots of people around me and you would have been out there in the heat of the day. It was tough conditions for a marathon. I got good news today that London Marathon will accept Brighton times for Good For Age places so that’s a relief. I don’t hold the licence problems against them though. It must have been so tough to arrange an event with all the uncertainty. Good luck for your future running places/races :)
    Momo - that's great news about your GFA being recognised by London so you'll get your well deserved place.

    You're very kind to forgive Brighton for not getting a licence, getting a licence is essential and it's not difficult.    They only had to change the date of the previous deferred event licence.   It means they went ahead with no insurance, PL insurance is essential.
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