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Hello all just wondered if anyone had any experience of tibial stress fractures?

Was diagnosed with left leg multi level stress fracture in mid tibia and below the knee after x-ray and mri. Got both the scans as it presented as a painless lump so needed to rule out anything nastier, I had no symptoms or idea as to how I had picked it up. I had started couch to 5k after putting on a hell of a lot of weight so have put it down to that. The real pain only really started a couple of weeks into getting the boot on mainly at night and when I was weightbearing. 

Put in an airboot for 6 weeks consultant then recommended trying to get rid of the boot which I did over the next couple of weeks but I still have pain now just from standing, short amounts of walking, don't feel like it's healed or like I'm even close to getting back to normal around 14 weeks after diagnosis :s

On the side of that im getting similar pain in my other leg now right in the same spot mid tibia, no lump so I'm hoping that's maybe just because I'm walking a bit funny and it's taking some extra weight. 

Anyone had the pain last this long? Anyone had bother even doing very little walking, weightbearing at all actually?  :|


    You need to see a physio and they'll refer you for scan/x-ray if they think you've developed a stress fracture in the other leg.   Will also give you a rehab plan for recovery.  They will also advice on the cause of your stress fracture and how to prevent an reoccurrence.
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    <div class="QuoteText">You need to see a physio and they'll refer you for scan/x-ray if they think you've developed a stress fracture in the other leg.   Will also give you a rehab plan for recovery.  They will also advice on the cause of your stress fracture and how to prevent an reoccurrence.</div>

    Seeing physio next week although through work wasn't talked about with my consultant, occupational health in work seem to be aiming more towards an underlying cause thier opinion seems to be round the lines of someone my age shouldn't get stress fractures unless they are athletes or doing high levels of running etc. although that was never mentioned in any of my other appointments outside of work.

    I haven't been able to find much that rings with me most people healing seems to be 6 to 8 weeks and they are back to normal or on route to it I'm still struggling to walk for any amount of time never mind trying to run.  :/
    I agree with your work's OH that there must be an underlying cause.   As you say stress fractures are usually caused by high mileage running.   There are other factors that can contribute too.   One of my friends kept getting stress fractures and although she was a marathon runner it wasn't her running but that her body wasn't absorbing the right nutrients from here food, calcium I suppose, I don't know and her bones weakened.  She didn't have an eating disorder.   But she's fine now.

    You did say you'd put on some weight, that would have contributed somewhat too.
    I have heard of many runners taking a very long time to recover from a stress fracture.

    Let us know how your physio appointment goes and I hope they can sort you out.
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    So physio sent me home with alot of rehab stretches/exercises and asked me to contact my gp to be referred for a bone density scan, he didn't think my activity levels alone would have been enough to cause it so thinks I should be looking into underlying causes, injured leg a hell of a lot weaker than I thought after trying some of the isolated leg exercises 😬 think it's gona be a slow process
    Well I think that's a good session with your physio.   I hope you can get that scan quickly so if you need any treatment it can begin soon.

    This doesn't mean you won't be able to run in the future, after all weight bearing exercise is recommended for bone strength, just not right now for you.

    Let us know how you get on.
  • Hi All,

    Sorry to hijack a thread but can anyone point me to how to post a new subject?

    A newbie looking for some advice or comfort stories around knee injury recover time.

    I fell about 6 weeks ago pretty badly and although movement is ok now, I have a pain in the left knee awaiting X-ray and or MRI dependent on Covid backlogs! Both knees were cut pretty badly but I take blood thinners so Ibuprofen or anti-inflams are not allowed, being doing ice, elevation but trying to keep sane by walks and tried a couple of short runs. The pain during the day isnt bad but it wakes me up at night on and off.

    Basically trying to gauge how long a badly bruised knee takes to recover...

    Happy to provide any other info

    RFB72 - I don't think you can start a new thread until you've posted a certain number of times on other threads, think it's 10, not sure.   It's to stop the spammers setting up lots of new threads.

    That must have been a really painful fall.   But until the x-ray and scan are done then you'll just have to be patient and wait to see if you've done more damage than just bruising.   I guess they think you might have otherwise they wouldn't so willingly book you in.    Can you chase up with your GP or the hospital to see if you can get the scan/x-ray sooner, tell them that the pain is bad.   Maybe your GP can give you suitable pain relief for now.
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