Adidas upgraded trainers too tight

JoXXJoXX ✭✭✭
For years I have worn the neutral Adidas women's supernova running shoes with no issues. 

They have since been discontinued and I recently tried their replacement version solarboost version.  Although they feel comfortable, a day after running in them my feet are like ice.  I have tried wearing them on 5 separate occasions now and the same thing keeps happening.

I have always been told my feet are unusually wide and wondered if anyone else has had a similar problem?  Do I need to swap to the men's version, and would I be able to return them?  I bought them through Wiggle.  


    You need to contact Wiggle and ask for their advice about the fit, also about whether you can return them.

    Seems odd that they seem comfortable while you are running, if they were too narrow surely you would feel that at the time.   I'm sure Wiggle can help.
  • JoXXJoXX ✭✭✭
    Sorry for the delay in responding.  Thanks for your advise - I did contact them and unfortunately can't return.  Will probably go into a store and get tested on a running machine again.
    JoXX - maybe take the shoes to the running shop, they may have some advice, perhaps replacing the insoles with thinner ones might give you more room perhaps.

    Men's shoes are wider in the heel section, that can make them a poor fit for a woman's foot.   There are a few brands that do wider versions of their shoes, the shop will advise.

    Hope you find a good shoe that suits you again.
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