Marathon Goal Setting!

So in April this year, after 4 years of running (mostly trail/hilly previously), I ran my first Marathon in a time of 3:07:53. This was a flat course with great weather. No carbon plated shoes were used.

Today, I ran my 2nd marathon in Alphafly's, on a very windy course in 2:57:42 - an improvement of just over 10 minutes. Annoyingly - due to stress and bad habits - I am around 5-6 lbs (2.5-3kg ish) heavier than in the April Marathon.

With all that said - what do you think would be roughly a good ballpark figure for an October marathon next year? My body fat is currently around 14%, so I'm hoping getting under that control will help make another good jump next year.

This is all hypothetical of course, but would love to hear people's opinions! Cheers :)


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