Thursday 10th February 2022 Come on and hear, come on and hear

alehousealehouse ✭✭✭
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Lyrics: Come on and hear, come on and hear
It's the best band in the land

Another boy's name!

Yesterday's were Big Bad John, Jimmy Dean. Glad that you knew them Pammie!
Jimmy Dean... "Big BAD John" (Original Version) 1961 - YouTube

What: probably around half an hour

Why: will see how I feel
Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.


  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Els - epic report, sounds like an epic run too!
    Chick - certainly putting the miles in now! Shaping up well
    Emz/Ale - re marathons they are not everyone's cup of tea, and as a coach I find it slightly annoying that some people feel the need to run one to be perceived as a "proper" runner. I ask myself regularly why I do them.....
    Pammie - it's just authors: Pfitzinger & Douglas (P&D) have a marathon schedule in their book.
    The 5k- Half book is Pfitzinger & Latter (P&L)

    What - 5.5 miles run in Waterloo-Wharf
    Why - Saving the bus fare and judging by the traffic on the Highway, quicker too.
    last rest - 14/10
    last hard - yesterdays MLR on tired legs

    Oh and cake shortly, #1 baby is 24 today...where did that time go.

  • Morning

    Great effort on the LT runs Dustin and Chicksta.  I've had mixed results on P&D and good ones on P&L (HM).  Seems sub mara distances (10k - HM) are likely my best distances - so far at least.

    Good news on the pain free feet Chicksta.

    Good idea to save time and money with the run commute Dustin, sounds like you earned that cake.

    Hope you are feeling better today Els. Thanks for the report - enjoyed that.

    +1 to getting itchy feet regarding the marathon talk emzap.  Difficult to pick up the courage after last autumn's bad one.. 

    By your comment I guess you have never run one Ale?  I agree with Dustin you don't have to.  SG (I lurk on his thread) is a good example of someone who doesn't either.

    Baby 4 will share my birthday if he/she arrives on the 14th Wabo.  Good way to potentially get presents, cards and flowers on Valentine's Day!  Hope you are also feeling better today.

    Well done for your miles despite the nightshifts Pammie.

    What: yesterday's speedwork (hopefully)
    Why: work got in the way yesterday.  Project has been running for more than 2 years - we kept asking do we need to do anything, always with the answer no.  Now one week before the old system gets turned off...
    Last hard: work
    Last rest: 07.02.22

    Lyrics: no

  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭

    Thanks Dustin. Had heard of P&D got a few of their books. Hadn't come across P&L.
    Enjoy the cake

    What: Rest
    Why: Meeting friend then work
    Lyrics nope 
  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Pammie: P&L is the newer version I think. Fun fact: I was looking for that book when I decided to do Vienna and couldn't find it for love nor money. I then thought did I give it to somebody at parkrun but no, don't think I did. I almost lost sleep over it until it dawned on my I'd purchased it as eBook in Google Books  :p  so there is ny physical copy on my bookshelf :D  

    Happy birthday, Dustin's baby :) 

    Oh no, that's so typical for long-running projects, Hazel. As for a marathon why not pick one in a nice place with a bit of sightseeing afterwards and take it real easy. No time pressure. I'm hoping to find a running buddy in Vienna to jog with. I won't be racing, just running. 

    Els: Epic achievement and a very enjoyable report. Hope your tummy is better now. 

    Well done on the double, wabo

    Hope you felt good enough to do half an hour, Ale

    What: 11 mile in the rain
    Why: MLR number 2 this week
    Last hard: kicking myself out of the door, once I got going it was almost fun. Warm and no wind. Just wet.
    Last rest: 30/12
    Lyrics: no
  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭

    Yes, 30 minutes (and 2 seconds) run this morning, Chick! Was cold, windy but bright blue skies with only 1% chance of precipitation, so lots of layers but no jacket. Shortly after starting there was sleet of course, although it didn't last long. Never really got warm. Well done on MLR2! And your ebook story made me smile! 

    Hazel, you are correct in that I have never raced a marathon. When I was running more seriously only the elite runners seemed to race them. We had six guys at 2:26 or under in my club and anyone slower wasn’t really encouraged to run one…until 1981 saw the first London. I decided to enter the second one and trained reasonably well; however I got cold feet at the last minute as I didn’t think I would break 2:30. I therefore gave my number to one of my training partners who was probably in worse shape than I was: he of course then ran 2:28 in my name! Then life and injuries got in the way so I never did one. It is one of my main regrets running-wise. I think it would be unwise to up my miles to race a marathon at my age: I would be fairly certain injury would come along! I'll stick to my 5ks and maybe a little longer for now. Even a half marathon would probably push me over the limit. Not that I am saying never to a half in the next few years. 
    Hope work is sorted and you get the speedwork in!

    And enjoy your eldest's birthday, Dustin!

    I went into town to buy a new suit; the new jeans fit nicely! Bitterly cold in town with the wind whipping around the tall buildings. And more sleet. 

    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • Ale - manshopping then?!
    Still nothing here, a short morning at work turned into a full day and still tired. Hope to be back at it in some form tomorrow. Bug receding thankfully!
    Good training all.
    Chick, I'd love to visit Vienna sometime so that sounds good. Don't fancy an overseas marathon and the fun of trying to get a medical certificate with my history. I think I'd just go for a nice run if I ever visit!
  • Oh no identity crisis strikes again.
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