Knee pain for two years not getting any better

Hi all I wonder if any one can offer any advice.
About September October 2020 I was working away and long hours so running kind of petered out.
Never been a big runner it was just some exercise me and my wife could do together at a similar level so really enjoyed it. O ly 3 or so times a week, usually 3 to 4 miles, occasionally 6.
Started running in 2006 so reasonably used to it.

Anyway, Jan 2021 ish I started having pain in my right knee. Bottom of the knee cap down the tendon and to the shin. Lots of googleing later and runners/jumper's knee overuse injury figured it was a little odd as I hadn't run for 6 months at this point but rested it as much as I could but was climbing Pasma towers of other rigging so needed to use it.
This was becoming increasingly painful, anything up or down stairs hurt.
Again work got in the way so I just put up with it until I noticed the tear drop shaped muscle on the inside of my painful knee was WAY smaller than the left side. Pretty much wasting away as I have been guarding and not using that leg properly. After lots of none appointments with the docs (telephone Only) I got sent for an MRI.

This is the result.

The posterior aspect of the proximal patellar tendon near its insertion with inferior pole of patella appears thickened and shows increased signal with associated bone marrow oedema in patella-suggestive of patella tendonitis.
There is mild contour irregularity with increased signal with the patella articular cartridge involving the lateral facet and median ridge - suggestive of grade II chondromalacia patella.
The quadriceps tendon appear normal.
The menisci, cruciate ligaments and collateral ligaments appear normal.
The tibiofemoral joint space and articulate cartridge appear normal.
No significant joint effusion.

Patella tendonitis (jumper's knee)
Grade II chondromalacia patella.

Anyone else had similar and what can be done about it, don't see how it can be an overuse injury now nearly 2 years later my work is far less physical, I haven't run for 2 years if I try is pretty painful to run and blooming painful the next day.

I cant do any type of squat lunge or leg extension to build that muscle back up, as it's way too painful. About the only cardio I do now is walking.

Would love to get back too it, I'm only 52 so was hoping to be running a fair while longer.

Any advice help hints would be great.

Sorry for the long read, hope my grammar and punctuation isn't too bad 😁


    You need to see a physio and get a long term detailed rehab plan.

    The term 'overuse' is often used when an injury was not caused by a trauma (accident/fall etc)
  • Hi

    I had runners knee (pain around the patella) for 18 months and thought running was over for me after trying everything, so i thought. Stretching, abstinance, straps etc etc. I eventually tried 90 degree squats with my back against the wall but not sets or repetition, but simply holding the squat in the stress position, building up from 20 seconds to 2 minutes over time. Amazingly this worked for me , and quickly. The pain was gone in a week, totally gone!

    I would only say that if the pain is bad then ease into this gently with a lower angle and position hold time until you can build up.

    Hope this helps.
  • physical therapy is the key to everything
  • @Gaspode How is the knee now? I'm 31 and have had an mri on my right knee which concluded "low to moderate grade chondromalacia within the medial patellar facet"; marrow oedema was also mentioned in the report. I'm hoping you are successfully recovered and back to give me some hope! I've seen two physios (who gave me conflicting advice) and am due to see a third this week. Fingers crossed.
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