GP won't provide medical certificate (Paris Marathon)


I downloaded the medical certificate from the Paris website and forwarded to GP... reception said there would be a £25 charge which I said 'no problem' to... then I get a message that the Doctor won't do it - its not a service they provide...

So any recommendations on where I go next? I've found some online services that provide a basic health certificate but I need to make sure it includes the 'no contraindication for participating in competitive running' line too...

Any pointers appreciated. Or any doctors appreciated. ;)



    I guess GP's are too busy now to consider doing certificates.   £25 would have been cheap, I've heard others pay a lot more.

    I know runners use the online services when their GP surgeries say they no longer provide certificates.  If you don't have any doctor friends to help out I guess online is the best option.   Or if you happen to be travelling to France I believe it's very easy and cheap to get a certificate issued there as the French are used to needing certificates to take part in events.

    It's a real nuisance and puts me off wanting to race in France.
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