Overpriced hotels putting anyone else off travelling to events?

I'll use Cardiff Half Marathon as an example. I ran it in 1997 but it seems every year since hotels have jacked their prices up to extortionate levels. I guess people can argue supply and demand but it seems to be taking the mickey on a pretty high scale for the Premier Inn, for example, to be charging £185 the night before the half marathon, more than double the cost of the previous weekend. I'm sure it must be putting people off and I notice that the race only recently sold out for this year when previously you'd have expected general entries to be gone long before. Cardiff is not unique and it's putting me off doing races around the country. Anyone else?


    Price of hotels since the pandemic is extortionate, but I don't think it's putting that many people off.   Race entries are starting to pick up again now.

    All you can do is try and book early and not near the event, I'm quite happy to drive the last few miles to the event on the day.   Or if it's not too far I'll drive up on the day.
  • MrCMrC ✭✭✭
    It’s the same across Europe, take the Amsterdam marathon - £200 a night at a Best Western 😳.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    That's why I usually do Manchester Marathon - I can stay with a mate. But I'm doing Brighton next year. Just hope Southern actually manage to run some trains on the day or I'm in the same boat re: hotels.
    Cal - why not book a room for Brighton that has full cancellation policy, just in case? 

    Will be cheaper now than in a few months time. 

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Shades, right now I have no money for anything other than food and bills, and even the food I've had to cut back on. 
    Cal - you don't need to pay up front.   I rarely pay upfront unless it's a Travelodge or Premier.    Many hotels you pay the hotel when you check in.   You need a card to secure a booking but you don't pay anything now. 
  • SydZSydZ ✭✭
    I'm just back from a half marathon on one of the Scottish islands. 4 nights in a hotel at £140 a night!

    Can't recall the cost of the hotel for the Great North Run at the moment but it's going to be in the same ballpark.
    SydZ - I guess we'll have to get used to these prices now.    For city marathons I've seen hostels and student accommodation charging over £100 a night.

    I see Loch Ness were still open for entries, I expect the price of hotels in Inverness has put some runners off.   The last few years pre pandemic, a lot of hotels very overpriced in Inverness.
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