voluptuous and virtuous club Weds 30th



  • good nite Michelle have a good nights sleep

    'spose everyone else has gone to bed too?
  • Just going bune. Night Night
  • no, filling in job applications and answering queries from the hospital
    (on call)
  • hi there crisp-pickers!

    just back from the hospital, feeling marginally better as my weight has been put up.
    been very virtuous today - went to gym did full weights workout, full CV workout and then did 30 mins fartlek on the treadmill.
    now rewarding self with a long cold one (Grolsch - I'm a bit promiscuous where lager is concerned).
  • HI, another newbie here...Ive been running since about may and dieting since I dont know when....

    It was my sons birthday today, 5, so we had pizza for tea, his choice and cake, only got a small cake so its all gone now.

    did 2 miles yesterday but nothing today cos of the weather.

    However despite not having lost any weight since march I managed to fit into a size 10 dress ready for christmas. Hoorah for me...

    Ill try and log on each day as I think the support here is brilliant

    good luck all
  • mmmmm pizza
    mmmmm cake
    the only thing missing was the beer.
    Welcome scarlett1 - this is a nice place to be.
  • Size 10
    Sighif only
    hi robo, lucky bugger, you can drink and Im on call till Fri am, so cant
  • can't you get some juniper berries, boil them up and pretend the smelly water is gin?
  • Not the same, AND you know it
    You could boil hops :)
  • one of the nursies told me to boil something else this evening (it involved pockets, and me not being able to reach the one near the fistula).
    And after I gave them those liqueurs and all!
    Must go to bed - have to be up at 5.45.
    'nite all.
  • hey benz -what are the job apps?
  • Consultant jobs:(
  • ooer missus ...Benz!
  • excatly
    Dont fancy it much
    off to bed now, hope i dont get called
    Nite xx
  • so you finished the thesis then doc?
  • then why go for it?
  • sorry being nosy!

    nite - hope you dont get called out
  • hello!

  • Bune, no choice, main earner and all that
    nope thesis not finshed
    Yep, got called
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