Giving up the booze



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  • Hi, I've just joined the forum because I'm on a massive health kick before the christmas binging starts. I'm thinking about doing the One Year No Beer Challenge. Has anyone ever tried it? I've given up alcohol for a few weeks and I can feel the difference in my sleep and energy levels already. I'm thinking of sticking to it for the whole of November and then give myself a break over christmas before trying it for 12 months starting in January.
  • Good luck!

    I gave up alcohol during training for my first HM in 2017 and now I rarely drink. Actually improves your life in many more ways than just the running. Keep it up!
  • Hi, good luck ses. Yes I've heard of the one year no beer challenge. I think there are different challenges and stages, no just fully cutting out the beer for a year. I've tried it for a while and barely drink now. I feel like I sleep so much better without alcohol. I've just had a look on his website and it says 79% of people noticed that they got better sleep. I thought it would have been more than that.
  • @Zed100 there are so many benefits, sleep has definitely been a massive change for me, but so has my stress levels. The Pro-Fit fitness podcast has an episode with Andy Ramage on it:
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