Giving up the booze



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  • Hi, I've just joined the forum because I'm on a massive health kick before the christmas binging starts. I'm thinking about doing the One Year No Beer Challenge. Has anyone ever tried it? I've given up alcohol for a few weeks and I can feel the difference in my sleep and energy levels already. I'm thinking of sticking to it for the whole of November and then give myself a break over christmas before trying it for 12 months starting in January.
  • Good luck!

    I gave up alcohol during training for my first HM in 2017 and now I rarely drink. Actually improves your life in many more ways than just the running. Keep it up!
  • Hi, good luck ses. Yes I've heard of the one year no beer challenge. I think there are different challenges and stages, no just fully cutting out the beer for a year. I've tried it for a while and barely drink now. I feel like I sleep so much better without alcohol. I've just had a look on his website and it says 79% of people noticed that they got better sleep. I thought it would have been more than that.
  • @Zed100 there are so many benefits, sleep has definitely been a massive change for me, but so has my stress levels. The Pro-Fit fitness podcast has an episode with Andy Ramage on it:
  • Just passed 9 sober this month. I hope OP stayed good in his goal and stayed Sober, After going through several of the back pages I couldn't find any recent followup comments from the OP though. Keep at it!
  • Good on you for doing it. I’ve done the same and (as other people have mentioned) it required a bit of rearranging of my social life and some annoying conversations with friends at the start, but the benefits far outweigh all of that. It’s strange how it’s seems socially inappropriate (in other people’s eyes) to a) drink far too much and lose control of one’s life and b) not drink at all; I quickly realised that owning my space and not apologising for it made a big difference.
    It goes without saying that training is better, general decision making is much better, emotional highs and lows are much reduced. 
    Interestingly I've developed much more of a sweet tooth since - seems I need to do something that’s ‘naughty’ regardless of what it is! And I will NEVER be able to give up coffee!
    Best of luck to you and enjoy waking up with a clear head every day 😀
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  • good luck on the giving up!
  • I find i can’t be bothered after running
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  • AnnaHenkeAnnaHenke ✭✭✭
    I only drink on occasions now - maybe a can when I travel to the OH's but I pretty much only drink water now. Just better for you from what I understand, no sugars, additives or chemicals
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  • Stopping drinking is definitely helped by running.
  • somberlainsomberlain ✭✭
    Wish I had the willpower. Although I am only drinking on Friday nights now. Trying to run after a few jars is no fun.
  • I too made the plunge!

    Never turned back since, I have lost 4 stone ever since reducing my alcohol consumption! Not only providing so many benefits for my body, but mental health and shot up!!
  • Starting to feel like booze is a massive waste of time
  • Everything in moderation. Balance is key. Sometimes cold turkey isn't the way to go, especially if it can effect your social life. Try going out and having just a couple, then going home, Test yourself and your will power. If you can tee-total and are happy with that, then all the power to you. There aren't any significant health benefits from alcohol anyway.

    When I quit drinking I lost all my friends. I guess I just wasn't Mr Fun anymore. Best thing I ever did, changed my drinking habits ---> changed my social circles ---> Changed my life.

    Now i'm in a better place where I can go out to dinner with my family and have a couple of drinks and relax, without having to down pints and aftershocks, then puke them all up with a kebab at stupid O' Clock in the morning.
  • AgentGingerAgentGinger ✭✭✭
    I used to follow this thread actively back in 2014 and before. I had gone from living with my mate who was a heavy drinker, to moving in with my GF who drinks v occasionally, and that was the biggest difference I found. I've gradually drunk less often and when I do drink I don't drink as much, not really a conscious decision as a general lifestyle trend. having kids since 2015 also doesn't lend itself well to hangovers, so these days I probably have a can once a fortnight, and that's it.
  • A friend of mine has just had to give up drinking because he had developed fatty liver disease. He's discovered that alcohol free (or low) beers, like San Miguel 00 and others, have improved a lot recently. They taste almost lake the real thing - and if it's important they make you look like your drinking normal bottled beer!
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