Giving up the booze



  • Good luck. You will feel amazing. I have the same goal.
  • I'm a heavy drinker and this negates any dieting/running impact on my weight loss. I've signed up for a Marathon next Spring, in fact 25 weeks from now. I've joined the forum today to get advice and motivation from other forum users as well as log my progress over 25 weeks.
  • I'll have a look around the forum but assuming there is a thread/forum for individuals to post about their training?
  • Well done all! I stopped completely just over six months ago and feel miles better for it.
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    The spammer above led me to this thread.

    I gave up smoking in 2006 (i was on 20-30 a day) with the help of an Allen Carr (not the slightly funny bloke with dodgy teeth) free supplement (pictorial version) given out with a broadsheet (my addled brain can't remember which one). He basically separates addiction & habit and makes you understand why you have cravings.

    He also wrote a similar book called "Easy Way to Control Alcohol" (available on Amazon, Ebay etc.). I bought it but couldn't face life without the demon drink. That said, I reckon it'd be pretty effective for those that want to knock booze on the head in the new year.
  • Not sure I could give up the end of day glass of red
  • can be done you will feel alot better and soon realsie you dont need it. Of course you may well decided to enjoy the occasional drink but not binge. good luck
  • I gave up the booze 12 years ago and haven't looked back since. I got into yoga and meditation which made me realise that I was only drinking as a crutch and didn't really need it. There are so many upsides - no hangovers, saving money, being able to walk straight and have more control over your body as well as your mind and actions.
  • I brew my own beer, so I haven't been able to completely cut out drinking, but I have found it easier to lose and keep off weight by not drinking on the weekdays, and only having one or two beers on the weekend.
  • Good luck, I need one now and again, maybe if you get the urge replace with a jog? Just been out it is very cold!
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  • I really wish that more people would be like this. SOmeone who can actually think for himself, hats off
  • Im new here. Just decided to knock the booze on the head myself after finding out I’ve got high blood pressure at age 30!

    Been out and got a pair of running trainers today and just stumbled across this group.
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    Welcome Garrry. Good luck with the running. 
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    I decided to give up drinking for the same reason.

    A pint of lager is around 180 calories and on a night out if you have about eight pints that's 1440 calories.

    When I first stopped drinking my mates used to tell me to stop being a bore, etc. That was until they realised that I didn't need a drink to have a laugh ...and that as I was staying sober I could drive everyone, LOL.
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    Also was told that "drinking was borrowing happiness from the next day". Which is definitely true as it takes a lot longer for me to recover from a night out now.
  • For me, I simply don’t drink mon- thurs and the fri-sun I relax and see how I feel.
  • What do people think about swapping beer for gin? I heard it healthier and a good alternative if you just fancy a nice cool beer on a hot day.
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  • I stopped drinking 19 years ago. Best thing i ever did. Really enjoyed the drinking part, but the day after was miserable.
    Don't begrudge anyone else drinking. But can be tiring watching them, plus for the 1st few days or weeks your mates will be telling you just to have one, it'll be fine....
  • I'm doing the 3 drink rule no more than twice a week- no . more than 3 drinks at one time, whether that's a glass of fizz or a pint regardless of the occasion ( wedding, birthday whatever) It's really helped me cut down because I'm more mindful of what `i drink and how quickly!
  • Good luck, all I can say is that establishing a good diet routine is the key to any major change to shift weight.
  • Do enjoy the odd pint so won't stop altogether. Races on a weekend has helped with cutting down on weekend drinks
  • Can anyone be so kind as to tell me how you start a new thread?
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    Jc1142 - I assume (like me) you're new - apparently we need to post ten comments as replies to other posts first, then we can start our own threads
  • I only drink on occasions now - maybe a can when I travel to the OH's but I pretty much only drink water now. Just better for you from what I understand, no sugars, additives or chemicals
  • I have only one kidney.
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