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  • Thanks FFM, I think maybe I'm not breathing out enough.
    I think I'm lucky in being fairly ambidextrous so it seams totally natural to me to go bi-lateral, just need to change from bi-lateral drowning to bi-lateral breathing!
  • Mine are finished fpor the mo - just supposed to be practising but I'm not.

    If you're around at the weekend and fancy a swim?
  • Sorry - I'll be in Falkirk this weekend. Maybe Monday night I might be about.
  • I pity anyone being In Falkirk at the weekend.Or at any time, to be fair.

    (Am bitter as all my relationships ended in or around that place!Its like the Bermuda triangle as far as I'm concerned!)

  • What are swimming lessons like, any good?

    I've started swimming pretty regular now as I've picked up a running injury. So guess what, yeaterday I got cramp in the left leg whilst doing a fast length (no innuendo's per-lease).
  • If you are already swimming regular then you need improvement/technique classes rather than asking for 'swimming lessons'

    How good/effective they are will depend on the teacher. Try talking to the poolside staff rather than the reception peeps, that should give you a better idea of how good their pools classes are.
  • Yep, I booked an intermedioate class but made sure it was going to be pitched at the right level for me first.

    It'll obviously depend on the instructors - hard to generalise I guess
  • Dan dan - I'm hoping it won't be that bad but at least I have been warned!

    Muzzy - I've really improved my technique as a result of lessons so would say it is definately worth it, but I was really rubbish and quite nervous before I started. At my pool they have a coach on hand at the Monday night lane swimming session who you can consult for free. Don't know if they do that at other pools too.
  • Anyone been swimbling this past week? I've been far too busy. Soon though, soon...
  • Dan Dan - I did 20 (20 metre) lengths this morning - not non-stop though.
    Nevertheless, I was pretty pleased about it 'cos it's the most I've ever managed in one session. #
    It took me about 25 mins. (I wished I'd timed it accurately now), I alternated between front crawl, breaststroke & backstroke too!

  • I went 3 times this week, and noticed I am soooo slow at breaststroke.

    I did 2 x 30m lengths in 75 secs front crawl - I dont know if thats fast or slow.

  • went as part of a brick session this week and have a session planned for this evening
  • what is a brick session?

  • Sorry GT, it's a triathlon training session where you put two disciplines back to back.

    So on tuesday night I did a hard 25 mins on an indoor bike and then ran down to the pool and did another 25 mins there.

    I think the aim is to get your body used to the shock of immediately switching from one set of muscle uses to another.

    The switch from bike to run is a killer...
  • TTT

    Great to hear you are progressing! Keep at it.It won't be long before you're an accomplished swimmer now.It just happens, almost overnight.Then you'll be contemplating crazy stuff, no doubt.

    I'm planning a ten miler at the mo, for some time in the next few months probably.

    It was only two Christmases ago that I was in exactly the same boat as you.So keep going matey!Anything is possible!
  • Hope you had a shower before getting in the pool FFM.

    Dan dan, did this boat capsize? Is that why you learnt to swim? And is that boat really safe, especially as TTT is now using it?
  • Of course Muzzy!!
  • Dan Dan:

    Thanks for all your help & encouragement. I'm obviously very pleased with my recent progress too, it seems that, as you say, anything is possible.

    That is particularly true for me at the moment; even with my running I've just achieved 4 successive PB's in the last 12 weeks. I expect that's probably the main reason for my quick progress in the pool too.

    In the new year I shall probably be venturing into deep waters!!! To practise 'treading water', I'll practise in the way you recommended (with 2 floats) at first, but if you don't hear from me anymore then you'll know how it went anyway!! Only joking (I hope)!


  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Went for another splash tonight. Have increased my reps up to 150m but was regretting that towards the end. Did (I think) 650m. I feel fresher after running 1/2m's although the 1st 400 or so felt OK.

    Is it to late to ask Santa for water wings?
  • Yup.Fraid so.The sleigh was packed up and ready to be depatched days ago now.

    You'll just have to keep plugging away! If you're feeling so knackered, you're definitely tying too hard.

    Just try a pair of lengths each time at most till your technique improves.You'll get demoralised otherwise.

    There's absolutely nothing wrong with doing one or two length repetitions.Nowt at all.Better to do one or two well then rest for a minute or two than to thrash up and down and half murder yourself.
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Oh I have no problem stopping for rests. And lessons start in Jan so I'll try to work on the stamina for a bit until I have to work properly on the technique.

    Gutted about Santa....
  • You can still put a request in with the Easter Bunny though.He's not set to do the rounds for quite a while yet...

  • 'There's absolutely nothing wrong with doing one or two length repetitions.Nowt at all.Better to do one or two well then rest for a minute or two than to thrash up and down and half murder yourself'

    Aaah! that sound a little like my method...I'm trying hard not to think about doing technique is rubbish apparently and I can only do a couple of lengths at a time...still plugging away though...
  • Are we still talking about swimming? ;o)
  • you?
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    It's difficult to know whether to focus on the stamina or the stroke technique at the start. Is that what you mean RB?
  • I'm going for focusing on technique - have got much slower and can do less distance than a few months ago but hopefully I am looking more graceful and it will be better int he long run.
  • ES,

    It really is about the technique...if you get it right, you can go for ages apparently...
  • Hiya fellow carp swimmers - I'm terrified as I'm having my first 'proper' swimming lesson this evening!
  • SP,

    I'm sure it'll be brill for you...what sort of standard is your fc?
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