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  • Saffers - I've ordered a Shock Absorber bikini (little shorts and a supportive bra top).  Might be useful for under a tri suit. 

    Mister W - this is a supportive thread, so you need to show willing and get in there. image 

  • Saffers - I'll still be going for the bra option. I had a shock absorber bra under a tri top for my sprint  tri and it worked fine, and I thought was probably a safer option image

    Of course I hope you are reading  this after you've done your OW swim.* How did the bike ride go yesterday?

    Then again, I'm not OW swimming for at least another month. There's no point me doing too much too soon and I've got enough stuff to concentrate on with my swimming at the moment.

  • Saffers wrote (see)
    Schmunks.....serious a bra needed? 

    Being of the larger boobed variety. I did wear a sports bra under my tri suit under my wetsuit.  This was more to get them strapped down enough to be able to zip up the wetsuit.  Also, I reckoned that if it was a tri, I would be wearing a sports bra so I should get used to swimming in all the clobber

  • Thank you ladies......I did opt for the bra.....just incase. image  I had forgotten how tight and constricting those wetsuits are. image

    I am back and without hypothermia!! image  It was bliddy cold......brrrrrrrrr!!!!!!  Although, it didn't affect my breathing which was one of my concerns.  On my first lap, I stopped at the end of the lake for a breather and felt rather dizzy.  Continued though and once I was swimming it was fine.  Sighting is hard......lose all flow in the swimming but I am sure this will come with practise.   I think the technique went out the window at times, I was just happy to get around the lake a couple of laps.

    It was busy though this evening as there were three different tri clubs.......all very sociable and chatty.

    A few of the girls were running straight afterwards in there trisuits, they looked frozen.  Silly youngsters. image

    The Coach did say he was surprised to see me there as I make such a fuss of going to the endurance session in the 50m pool!  I think it's the thought of drills in the 50m pool that scare me more than swimming in OW. imageimage

  • LN, enjoyed the bike ride.  It was a realy training session, stopping and starting for a bit of coaching up the hills.  The Coach got us standing at the bottom of one hill until we got to the top......just over 20miles and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Tea and cake at the end too. Nice. image
  • Oh and I forgot to say there was one fella from another tri club, swimming with no wetsuit!!!! image  Our Coach wasn't impressed.......against regulations! Naughty and nutty!
  • Well done Saffers for both the ride and swim.

    I'm jealous your tri club has bike rides for numpties. There's nothing in my club and I know I could do with some help.I have asked the coach if there was anything in the pipeine but haven't had a response yet. I have been investigating some  local bike clubs  instead to see what's about. 

  • More than naughty, Saffers.  Behaviour like that is likely to get all the clubs banned from the lake.  I hope someone had a word with him.
  • My sentiments exactly and have said the same to one of my buddies!!  Southwater apparently have got stricter this year and people doing things like that is not going to help.  Our Coach was at our session but not sure the other clubs had coaches there or surely his Coach was have told him to go home?!
  • Soup DragonSoup Dragon ✭✭✭

    Well done Saffers.  You are well on the way to IM! image  Sounds like you have a really good tri club. 

    LN look at prime coaching for cycling. 

    Edit  - forgot to add, they are starting a new friday evening session for newbies who are not quite good enough for the main Thursday evening speed night.  They are very good - I go to the Friday afernoon session but they say the evening session will be better for me.

  • Thanks Soup. I will keep it in mind but am hoping to keep Friday as my rest day. I was just coming back here to say I think  I've found a cycling club. South of river, yet again but hey ho..  I'm not going there till May anyhow. One thing at a time.

    I'm back to debating whether the swim sessions of the tri club are worthwhile.  imageimageimage  I need to find a way to swim more during the speed section of the session. Not going into all the details again. I'm even annoying myself with this. image

  • Did another outdoor wetsuit swim last night - 3000m but as usual LJS swam 4000m in the same time as me! Doesn't seem to matter what distance we do, he's 1/3 faster than me over any of them. My feet got cold, but he was trying out his new neoprene socks, found that they got waterlogged and were more of a hindrance than a help. Still, his feet didn't get cold, mine were frozen!
  • Speedy LJS!

    Wolf -after being told in the tri club to bend my arm more on the catch, my shoulders and arms felt quite sore and not in a good way.  Do you have any tips on what the catch arm should be doing or is  it all about getting the rotation right first? From looking at some clips of Ian Thorpe et all, it seems their shoulder is higher than their elbow which is higher their wrist but the arm doesn't look that bent..... I am confused.

  • According to our trainer once your hand enters the water it should be immediately pointed downwards so that you can feel the water resistance all the way up your forearm - your "paddle" should be the entire forearm from hand to elbow. Your elbow will not be higher than your shoulder until the recovery, when your arm is coming up out of the water. And don't cross your hand in front of your centre line. I tend to dig too deep so probably not the best person to advise on technique!

    Another little thing - latest tip from our trainer - there should be a gap between thumb and the rest of your fingers as you pull back, this creates a tiny "whirlpool" effect which helps push the water back out of your way. Basically what you are doing is trying to push as much water out of the way as possible to create a gap for your body to slip through.

  • Thanks Wolf, and also  for the latest tip too which was really good to know. I have a feeling that I'm not digging deep enough but I think that's due to my rotation, not my arm.

  • Morning all!

    Had a 40 min swim in the public pool this morning.  Only 2 lanes as I got there so early so had to go in fast and do sprints.  I really wanted to work on the catch but just had to do it in a more speedy way than I wanted.  Wasn't feeling it as well as with coaching session earlier in the week but I couldn't really keep a note of strokes and just had to keep going.

    My coach said that as you draw your arm towards the centre of your body in the catch, there should naturally be a gentle letter 'S' type wiggle.  I was definitely getting this in the session with him but not so much today. 

    Had an OK swim though. image

    Thanks for the tips image UI.  Noted for next swim.

  • Well done Parklife. A kill's a kill image

  • Tri club swim tonight.......although I am going to have to fight my corner to get there!  Hubby has changed his night down the pub to tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!image Apparently cos of the football!  Youngest broke his collarbone yesterday so would be a bad mummy that leaves him with his sisters and no parent.........hubby didn't seem to pick up on the fact that it's MY night out.  GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRimage
  • Naughty Mr Saffers. He can't change the rules like that.
  • My argument exactly.  If I miss Tri Club........he will regret it.image
  • Make sure you get his credit card as he heads out the door. Online retail therapy would be well deserved.
  • LOL....I tend to prefer face to face torture myself! I like to see every moment I make him suffer for making the wrong decision!image
  • I've decided (yet again) not go to tri club for a while. I'll start back July sometime when I'm a bit stronger and faster. I need to get value out of the session otherwise it's a waste of time and money.
  • and my eldest is 17yrs maybe I could just pop out for an hour!  She is sensible....LOLimage
  • LOL. I like your style. image
  • oooooooh LN!!!!!!!!!!!  Are you sure?????   It's tough to get there but once you do, you will soooooo benefit.
  • We keep xposting. What time does your club start/ finish? Is there no way Mr S can wait till you are back, or leave just an hour before you are due back.
  • But that's the thing Saffers. I'm not really benefiting from the classes. If I wasn't working with the swim for tri coach, I could see a reason to go but I'm thinking to just stick to what S4T coach has taught me, practice my endurance and then after my next S4T, at the end of June, to go again.  Last week was a perfect example of what happens when two people tell me different things (S4T coach vs club coach) and my shoulders hurt as a result.

    The hardest thing is that in my lane, the slowest other person does 100 metres in 2:05/2:10. I'm so far from that that when they are doing the speed sets, I literally can only do a lap before they start overtaking me and if I don't stop, I'll cause a traffic jam! Then I have to wait for the whole lot to go through, swim back and by then, they are just about to start the next set so I can't even just keep swimming.
  • Club starts at 7.30......he usually goes out at 8.....I've told him to go later......he is not wanting to miss that footie but I think he is just going to have to compromise cos it's my set night....not his! image
  • How many tri sessions had you tried?  I can see that you may get conflicting advice though.  You stick with what you feel is going to benefit you right now.
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